Hello,  and thank you for taking the time to read my “2k Contact Policies” .

I will begin by apologizing to my good and loyal customers that unfortunately will be effected by my new working policies that I have been forced to enact due to the “other” people that call constantly and only seek free advice and “chat” and tell me their life stories.

I would like to say . . . ” I AM still here, I AM still working on your guns ! “
I have just changed my policies so that I am spending more time doing the physical gunsmithing and less time doing the sales / advising / guidance.
Those of you that have gotten to know me over the years, know that I work 6-7 days a week and usually 12 hours a day.  I do it so I can give the kind of service and turnaround that I would want from someone else. ( you know . . . “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” )
I had finally decided (circa 2000) that I need to get paid not only for the bench time but also for the “guidance” time as well.  I do NOT want to hire help to do the gun work as others have done; the work quality suffers; and if I was to hire someone to answer your questions, they would probably not give you the answers you want, as well as forcing me to raise all my prices to cover their salary, so I feel that THESE new policies are the best way to deal with the situation.  I don’t know if this new policy will be temporary or permanent but it is necessary for now.

I am still happy to answer all E Mails ,  and hopefully be able to answer all your questions.
If you write BRIEF questions, and separate them in INDIVIDUAL lines/paragraphs, I will be able to address each question much better and more thoroughly.
The other alternative is to send me $10 cash or money order and I will call you ASAP to answer your questions.
( Please try to include the best times to call you in the afternoon or evenings. )

I know there will be some people out there that will view this solely as arrogance, it is not.
When I had a storefront shop in Ontario, I WAS spending 50%-70% of my “open hours” talking and answering questions for free and getting paid nothing for this service.  As of  “March 2000” I am no longer a free directory assistance and free data bank.  I am very glad to continue to provide the service to you, but only via email, un less you pay for my phone time as you would pay for my shop time. I feel that if someone is willing to send me even a petty $10, then they are probably a serious customer, and if they are not willing to part with $10 then they are probably looking for free advice or someone to waste time chatting with.

You should be able to find 99% of my prices here on my web site,
as well as many photos of my custom worked guns.

I have also added a Frequently Asked Questions web page to hopefully answer most of your questions.
If you still have unanswered questions after reading my FAQ page, PLEASE DO EMAIL ME, or send in your $10 and we’ll get it worked out.
( My Mailing Address can be found on the F.A.Q. page here.)

I realize that some people will not like my new policies, and I am sorry, but there are only 24 hours in a day and I have to actually DO the work sometime, and unfortunately I can’t do it while talking on the phone or taking in local customer’s guns.

As for my valued local customers, I also apologize to you for I will no longer be able to accept your guns in personally and for free, I like to guide you and try to make sure you order exactly what you need or want, but the visits seem to usually extend to the point that I am spending as much time taking the gun in as I do working on it.  My new policies DO still provide for you though.  You can drop off guns to me, by appointment, for an ADDITIONAL fee of $100 ( Paid immediately upon entry.  Fee is for my time to see and talk to you not for any work. ) – this fee is a PER-VISIT fee, so if you drop a gun off it is $100 and when you pick it up it is an additional $100, that being said, IF I DON’T have to hear stories about your granpa & uncles and all what you used to have and do, then I usually offer a discounted DROP-OFF/PICK-UP combo for $150.

Or…. of course, the PREFERRED way would be to just ship your gun(s) via UPS or FedEx your guns to me as everyone else does.

I hope you all will try to understand, why things have to be this way, and hope that you will not lose your confidence in me just because I don’t have time to chat on the phone etc..

Thank you,

Email: TJ@tjscustomgunworks.com

It seems I get more insults and complaints about my drop-off fees and contact policies then anytyhing else,
I am tired of hearing it, so simply put… if you don’t like my policies & fees, ship your gun to me like everyone else, or find a hack shop to work on your guns.
However…if you are part of the 5% that acutally “get it” and all I have tried to explain above, then I am happy to schedule a shop appointment with you, take in your gun(s), and try to explain the work & options to you at that time.
NOTE: As of JUNE 2012 LAX Firing Range will no longer be accepting guns in for me and I will no longer be doing business with/through them.
I have not secured a new Los Angeles location as of yet, I will update my web site if/when I do.