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Hello . . . I am TJ.
And this is my story . . . . .

I have been gunsmithing for money since about 1982 and I have been featured in gun publications since 1986 when I first showed the nice people at Combat Handguns Magazine that I do very unusual work and that I actually take pride in my work, and not only do it for the money.
The various magazines (Combat Handguns, Soldier of Fortune, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, Custom Combat Handguns, etc. plus a couple gun books sold through Paladin Press) have been very good to me through the years, they have brought my name and my work where the public can see, and make their own determinations. The ONLY advertising I ever do is in Combat Handguns; they have stood behind me for years and I maintain my ad there just so people can find my phone number, web site, and address; other then that if you see an ad for me it was just a nice gift that one mag or another has graced me.
I have noticed that other gunsmiths have tried to copy my name, my work, even my style, at first I got pissed off, but the old ones say "Mimic is the highest form of flattery" so I accept it and don't get upset anymore. I have seen the work from most of my "competitors" and the action work just doesn't measure up anyway.

Like most gunsmiths I started my pistolsmithing on Colt 1911's and S&W revolvers, as well as rifles as one of my main mentors (the late Frank Rosolot) was a custom rifle builder.
I enjoyed building "Race Guns" for speed plate competitions and I would jump on the opportunity to do minor repairs on guns built by other custom pistolsmiths like Jim Boland and others so I could dissect their work and see what tricks they know that I might learn from, unfortunately . . . other then Mr. Boland I seldom found anything worth learning from, but still . . . only a fool thinks he can no longer learn, so I continue even today to observe every detail modified by others. I try to do not just "good work" and not just "superior work" , but work that I can actually be proud of, work that my customer will be proud of ! This is not really as noble as it sounds, you see . . . I am a marketing genius ! I figure if I put out work so good that my customers will show it off to anyone that will listen then I don't need to advertise ! Can you imagine if only everyone could think this way ? Not only to actually get your moneys worth but more !?!? What a concept !

I eventually got bored with the standard stuff so I sought out new kinds of guns to re-work, new exotic modifications to perform, and new inventions to perfect.
I fell in love with the Browning BDA .45 because I am a big bore kind of guy and I could readily see the superiority of the design. Soon the Browning BDA was renamed and dubbed the Sig Sauer P220. The local P.D.'s switched over to the Sig Sauer P220 and the Sig work started flowing in fast. Not that these weren't already excellent weapons but that the wiser officers knew that any semi-auto pistol can (and should) be enhanced at the very least for the reliability, after all . . . what is your life worth ?
$100 ? $200? $500 ?

Soon departments all over the country started converting over to the Sig Sauer P220, and I seemed to be the only one other then the factory that understood the mechanism and/or was willing to re-work the Sig pistols.
I can honestly say that I have customized more Sig pistols the ANY man EVER !
I have done custom work for every walk of life you can imagine, Doctors, Lawyers, D.A.'s, Actors, Police, Sheriffs, FBI, Secret Service, Ministers, Bikers, Bodyguards, and even a King ! Always the pride in my work comes first, it is integrity and honor that judge a mans worth, not money or status. I come from a line of craftsman, and a tradition of honor. I do know several other professional trades but I have always loved guns and working with my hands so this was the perfect vocation for me to follow.
I try to accommodate special requests as much as I can but I will always throw my opinion in first.

I am VERY straight & direct, NO B.S. here !     And NO sales pitches here!
I (fortunately) have plenty of work.   I do want your business and I do want to re-work your pistol(s), and I promise I will try to do my very best work on each and every gun that I do.

I do work on guns other the Sig Sauer, and I can do nearly the same modifications and quality to most other handguns.
I often re-work Beretta's, Colt's (and copies of course), S&W's (both auto & revolver), Taurus, Astra, Star, AMT, KelTec, Charter Arms, Desert Eagle, Browning, Ruger, Rossi, and most other handguns!

If there is something you would like modified on your gun that you do not see in my PRICE LIST and you are aware of the approximate cost of CUSTOM work, then feel free email me! ( There is no charge for  E mail, but U.S. Mail questions / inquiries please include send $3 for time & postage )

I have made up a web page which consists mostly of comments that my true and actual customers, can add your experiences to, so PLEASE send E mail if you have anything GOOD or BAD to say about my work.

I do feel the need to address all the "haters" on the forums.
I have read many disturbing comments on the internet by haters; these are angry little people with nothing to do but try to insult and bring people down so they feel better about themselves. In my 30+ years of gunsmithing, I can honestly say I only know of 2 people that I could not make happy with my work, so all the comments posted on the internet insulting me, are not my actual customers, these postings were by people that hate me because I will not take the time out of my day to talk to them on the phone, or allow them to bring their guns to my shop personally. I would say "I'm sorry", but it would not be honest so I won't pretend. I AM happy to answer all emails sent to me, I do it every day, and I go out of my way to help all my customers, as well as potential customers; but when it comes to the "toughguys" who fought in every war (from their keyboard, in the mom's house), and already know everythinig there is to know, I do get a little terse in my replies. That all being said, I do want to help you, and I try to give the best information and advice can, regardless of if I get your business or not.

Please try to keep Emails brief and to the point, or at least ask your questions in numbered bullet points so I can address them all concisely, Thank you.
the DeathMaster Creed

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