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Subj: Comments for web page
Date: 99-04-10 22:48:24 EDT
From: (Bill Will)

I sent my SIG 220 to TJ for a Level 1 reliability package and the barrel jeweled. I carried this gun every day as a police officer so it had to be ultra reliable. I was very hesitant to send it out of state to a person I did not know. After talking to TJ it was apparent that he knew what he was talking about. I am a very picky about who works on my gun as well as the appearance when the job is completed. I have had “experts” and “established gunshops” scratch my gun doing simple work like installing sights.
The turnaround time also concerned me. I knew the price, but as I have learned in life sometimes the best costs more and takes a little longer. In the long run it is better to spend more and get a product you will be happy with. Saving a little and getting a product that is just ‘OK’ is not an option I prefer.
I packaged my SIG 220 up, and sent it to TJ. I was happy to find that the work was done in record time. I was concerned about the different trigger. I had to qualify with this gun and I was concerned that the new trigger would alter the way I shot. I called TJ and talked with him about it. I decided to try it his way and shot the gun on our qualification course. I was right I did shoot differently.
I shot a 250 out of 250!!
TJ sent me an e-mail offering to switch the trigger to the original one. I told him there was no way he was going to change what he already perfected!! I was impressed and so is everyone I let shoot my SIG. When they see the difference TJ made to mine they wanted to send their gun right to him!
I can only say if you want the best work done on your gun have TJ do it. If a little money is your concern, fix your priorities!
Thanks TJ for a job expertly done! I am sending my newest SIG to you for the same work.
You have a customer for life.
Anyone can e-mail me if they have any questions about the work TJ did for me.


Subj: TJ's Custom Guns
Date: 97-05-01 22:15:37 EDT
From: (Charles Chen)

I just got my gun back from TJ's in Ontario and I thought I would share with you all how the gun is. I brought the gun in to TJ's for a level one package which included an action job on the trigger, polishing the internals of the trigger to a mirror polish, extractor, barrel, and a bunch of other stuff (I don't have time to list everything), and a stainless trigger. I also had him jewel the barrel and polish the hammer.
When I went in today to get the gun, I was amazed at how well the gun looked and how the trigger felt. I was even happier when I got home and took the grips off to look at the internals! Its too bad they don't make see thru grips! Anyway, the trigger was lightened and it was as smooth as I could imagine. The barrel also looks great now that it is polished and jeweled. The gun was also done very promptly.
As you can tell, I am *very* pleased with the turnout of my gun. It cost me around 400 dollars, but I got way more than my moneys worth. I would really recommend that if any of you need to have any kind of work done, send it to TJ's. He does great work and he has a great personality to match as well. When I brought the gun in, he was obviously busy, but he still took time to chat with me for a while. So if you think that the Sig can't get any better than it already is, you need to look at my gun and feel the trigger pull on it because I guarantee you'll think twice about it! Sorry if I babbled or if it sounds like a plug, but it's not. I am not getting anything out of this. I just wanted to let you all know how much better Sigs can be.


Subj: TJWebpage
From: (Dr. Denny Crafton)
To: (TJ)

Celerity and clarity (speed and clarity): The upgrades for my duty and CCW carry gun were precise, exceptional and on time.
I never hesitate to recommend TJ's work to SIG owners whom I meet - taking the best and making it more reliable, and more beautiful is an art form unto itself.
Clearly TJ represents the standard for comparison: knowledge, outstanding craftsmanship, reliability, and individual attention to detail.
He's the only person I will allow to work on my guns. period.

Dr. Denham B. Crafton, II DMD
NRA Pistol/Personal Protection Instructor/ Range Safety Officer
Arizona DPS CCW Instructor
Arizona Rangers Firearms Instructor
Scottsdale, AZ

Subj: Comments of work...
Date: 99-04-14 03:18:50 EDT
From: (The Saint)
To: (TJ)

If I were to sum up TJ's work in one word, it would be "Excellent!"
Never have I dealt with before a more knowledgeable, honest and fair gunsmith.
I have had TJ do some work on three of my guns and in the end each of them was returned to me with a better fit and finish than I was expecting... And that is saying something, as each time I go back, I expect more and more.

The first gun that TJ ever worked on for me was my Sig 229. I had heard that he did great work on Sigs from the Unofficial Sig Page, and I had to check it out for myself.
I personally visited TJ to drop off my gun and to meet the man myself. From the start I was impressed with his attitude and firearm knowledge. I felt comfortable leaving my gun behind for a Level One Package and other small misc. things...
The turn around time was only a week, and upon my return, I quickly realized that all the good things that I had heard were true. The work was excellent and I was very pleased.
Though some say that the Sig is already a superb gun, TJ was able to bring it up to yet a higher level! The action job was buttery smooth, and the finishing touches were both aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

I was so impressed with TJ's work on my Sig, that I later brought to him my one of my Les Baer 1911 Premier II's...
Many consider the Baer to be an excellent firearm, and I would agree. But after having TJ work on it, the standard Baer gun seems like nothing more than a run of mill 1911 in terms of fit and finish.
I had opted for a trigger job and some other finishing touches (i.e. jeweling the barrel and polishing items like the guide rod).
The difference was truely amazing, and I was once again impressed at how a very good firearm became even better. So impressed was I, that I brought him my second Baer Premier II as well.
And just like before my expectations were exceeded, and I was a very happy gun owner.

I don't think that I can express enough how pleased I have been with TJ's work on my guns...
Though some may dismiss my praises as either false or perhaps not typical, I can honestly say that all the people that I have talked with who have had TJ do work for them have had similar experiences to mine. And what should really be noted, is that if you are not happy with the way something turned out, then TJ will do his best to make things right for you (the customer) at little or no extra cost.
Ask yourself what more you could you want than having a knowledgeable, honest and hard working gunsmith like TJ working on your favorite gun...
Then ask yourself where you could find one...
My bet is that it just doesn't get any better than TJ's...

Sincerely, Jonathan Wong


TJ of TJ's Custom , in Ontario CA is a master when it comes to building highly reliable personal defense handguns.
His specialty, for which he is known throughout the country (and the world) for, is his work on Sig Sauer's.
About a year ago, I read several articles on his work. So, I thought that I would send him a Sig to perform his magic on. I have always had a fondness for the Sig P-228. I purchased one, contacted TJ, and sent the gun to him.
One of the services that I liked best was the ability to get my gun back quickly. Most shops are very slow, and some postpone work (seemingly using your gun as a door stop) if you call to find out what progress has been made on your weapon. Not at TJ's.
When I got the Sig back, which was in about 2 days (I paid for the express service), I immediately field stripped it, for inspection. The barrel was debured, throated and highly polished, as was the fully bobbed hammer, and the tuned extractor. In fact, upon removing the grips, I found that everything was brilliantly polished, including the short trigger that I requested.
I also had him jewel the barrel, and apply his green "glow" to the front sight. This allows the sight to be acquired more readily.
The next step was to go to the range. I shot several different loads through the gun. Everything from CCI Blazers (a lackluster bullet to say the least), to Glaser safty Slugs, Corbons, Federal Hydro-Shoks, and my own re-loads, shot and cycled through the gun with Swiss perfection, including empty casings! The empty casings all fell within a one foot circle of each other, too.
The rounded short trigger felt really good, as did the trigger pull itself. The double action pull was perfectly consistent throughout it's movement. The single action pull was also consistent, and at the ideal pull weight. Everything about the gun felt better, and subsequently gave me more confidence after shooting it. In fact, it is the gun that I carry almost every day. If you are considering using TJ's, do not hesitate.
You will not find another gunsmith, anywhere, that takes as much care and pride in workmanship as does TJ .


From: Izzy
Re: Sig Sauer Modifications.

Dear TJ's,
I just wanted to send you this letter to thank you for the outstanding work done on my P229.
Once I received my 229 from you, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the gun looked. First I noticed the polished barrel, then the semi-bobbed hammer and polished trigger. Out of curiosity I took off the custom fitted wood grips and saw my reflection on the polished inner parts!
After putting the grips back on I thought no way I can carry this piece of art every day, but after going to the range I said to myself NO WAY I CAN CARRY ANYTHING ELSE !
The wood grips and the work you did on the hammer make it extremely comfortable for all day carry in any holster I have. I have three holsters I use, shoulder, on the belt, and inside the belt, no other handgun I own feels this good to shoot or carry. (And I have quite a few)

Best regards,
Garden State Protection & Investigations
Feb 13, 1999


"I have been fortunate in finding TJ. It is refreshing in this day and age to find someone who has solid values and a good work ethic. The work that has been carried out on my SIG's has been to say the least "exceptional" and I would be happy to recommend his services"


From: Lfost

I am wary of most gunsmiths. Having built a few custom guns and having had my share of disappointments, I am careful about who I will let work on my guns.
I went looking for smiths and found TJ. He cleaned up one very rough gun, a Sig, so beautifully that I couldn’t believe it was the same gun. And I was a new customer - a guy he’d never met before. Now I ask him to do all of my handgun-smithing. Period.
I had something like a dozen custom guns built, have had trigger jobs, full action jobs and a host of other work done by other smiths, famous smiths at that, before I found TJ. He is quite simply a wizard with handgun actions. He has smoothed, lightened, cleaned up and otherwise made usable all of my Sigs, Smith and Wesson revolvers and autos, a beretta 92F and a few other miscellaneous handguns.
He has done an incredible job for me. It used to be true that I wouldn’t use anyone else to work on my Sig’s. Now I just wouldn’t use anyone else, period, when it comes to handgun actions, sight installation, de-horning, re-finishing or fitting on any revolver or auto.
His work is simply exquisite. You won't be disappointed.
He takes the kind of care that you wish your doctor did.

Dear TJ,
Firstly, I must say I was utterly impressed and satisfied with the work you did on my P229. The polish on the feed ramp, barrel, and trigger bar, not to mention the safety lever were outstandingly done to a mirror polish. And like most people say "it's almost impossible to improve the SIG's trigger," but boy, was I wrong. The DA was smooth and light with no glitches. I especially liked the SA, it broke so nicely that I couldn't believe it. And the reliability, boy was it reliable! Before I sent it up to you, I must have fired about a thousand rounds, and every so often the gun would have failures to feed. I've fired about three hundred rounds since getting it back and NO PROBLEM! I gotta say you do mighty fine work.

I even let my armorer take a feel at it, he was more impressed than I was. We both experienced work from other professionals, but when it comes to SIG's you're the only SIG SAUER SPECIALIST! You got my business, and to hopefully enhance yours I posted your price list in the arms room. I even let some of my cop buddies try the gun out. They all love SIG's also and boy were they surprised to discover that you could improve the SIG's already fine action. Needless to say, you got my vote of confidence and my business.

Lastly, when I spoke to you on the phone I expressed concern about your short trigger due to my large hands. However, upon feeling it I found it very comfortable and 'nice'. I liked it so much that I'm ordering one for my P220.

Sorry, I don't know how I forgot to mention it, but I really appreciated the quick turn around time; that was fast! You did a fine job in a short amount of time and nothing was compromised. Keep up the good work!    Thank you.

Officer Dwight Yamamoto

Subj: Recommendation
Date: 99-04-19 11:05:30 EDT
From: ForceGuru

I am writing this letter to express my opinion of TJs Custom Gunworks, Ontario, CA. Over the last couple of years, I have had TJ build or customize four guns for me. For the last 15 years I have contacted and paid several gunsmiths around the country for special work and expertise. Needless to say, I have wasted large sums of money on self proclaimed gunsmiths who didn't have time to talk to me about my plans or wants. However, they were more than willing to give me an address to send money and then, "don't' call us, we'll call you" attitudes. Consequently, I have been very disappointed in the quality of work and personal attention I have received. Finally, I have found a gunsmith who MAKES the time to talk to you about your wants and desires and is more than willing to reason out any problems in your strategy.

When I first contacted TJ with over two pages of wants I had for my 1911 he respectfully discussed problems with my plans and suggested better things to do. He also will be the first to tell you if any of your wants are not necessary for the purpose you have described. Since this first contact, TJ and I have collaborated on several projects and I have four fantastic pieces of machinery to prove it. TJs work ethic and quality of work is the best I've ever dealt with. He will not let you make your weapon unreliable or unsafe.

TJ runs a one-man shop with so much attention to perfection that he'll make you surprise yourself at what you've missed. I am a Mechanical Engineer for the US Army, Aviation and Missile Command, Warheads and Special Weapons Group, as well as the Chief Weapons and Defensive Tactics Instructor for my local Sheriff's Office. I have had an opportunity to work with some of the most sophisticated weapons and weapons developers in the country.
I can completely endorse TJs Custom Gunworks without hesitation.

Chuck Vessels

Subj: Comments
From: VtwinRob

Of all the guns I own, I'd never consider selling any of the ones TJ has worked on. Now I don't even take them out of the box before he does a level 1 package to them. My Sig 228 that he's worked on is the most reliable, confidence instilling gun I've ever owned; and I've owned hundreds!!

(owner of TJ cutdown Sig P200c Zebra on photo page)

Subj: Thanks!
Date: 99-04-23 02:10:28 EDT

T.J., I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking a standard Sig P220 and making it into an AWESOME duty weapon.
As a police officer, I need to be sure that my duty weapon will operate the way it is intended to.
You not only took the time to make sure that happens but it is the BEST looking handgun I have ever seen. I'd like you to know that I have been continually impressed with your driving commitment to excellence in the work that you do. You are uncompromising in your quest to do the best job possible and I thank you. I would HIGHLY recommend your work to anyone that wants the job done right...the first time!

Corporal Curtis Burton
Chino Police Department
Chino, California, USA

Subj: re: Re: Sig P229
From: paulcp@

Beautiful work. I already have people enviously admiring the P229. I fired it today and the trigger is perfect. As a matter of fact it's almost too good. I'll quickly get used to it. Thank you for the great turnover time.
I hope to business with you again.
Take care,


I'd like to share some of my ongoing experience with TJ, of TJ's Custom Gunworks, in Ontario, California. I now have had several pistols masterworked by TJ's Custom Gunworks. True to his adage, his work has consistently exceeded my expectations. I own several pistols, produced by the big, "custom gun, clearing houses." After receiving TJ's magic, they perform, and look like works of art, exuding unparalleled, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. TJ defines the word "custom." He can perform the unusual or the mundane, always with emphasis on satisfying individual requests. He gives you consistent, high quality work, with none of the sales pitch, while listening to your individual needs. He knows what works and what doesn't. If you allow him, he will debunk the "hype" that's out there and show you why his product is truly cutting edge.
He has consistently proven to me that "bigger" is not "better." His specialties are those details like fitting and action works, points other so-called 'smiths seem to overlook. He can resurrect that old forgotten gun or put real performance in that new shoot iron. You get the real thing, service and no b.s. I really appreciate the fact that he does not "age" your weapon, and ensures a remarkably fast turnaround. Though he is most widely known for his custom work on Sigs, he is also a master of the 1911. Recently I have had occasion to take some of TJ's 1911 handiwork to Thunder Ranch. Both weapons sent over 3000 rounds down range without a stoppage. The slide-to-frame work and barrel fitting were even more precise than when I purchased the weapons. The actionwork made the pistol even more accurate than I could have hoped. His front sight highlight treatments make for very quick target acquisitions – a vast improvement over the stock front sight blades. My problem now is that I cannot choose a favorite gun. Some, in my view, "look too good to shoot!" I send all my guns to TJ's -- just to see how good they can get! You should too. You won't be disappointed!

-H.A. Tate M.D.

Dear TJ:
All your clients, including myself, appreciate both your craftsmanship and your ability to respond to special needs, but there is something further which needs saying. A factory pistol is not nearly good enough, and a modified or custom pistol is not good enough unless it works well all the time. A handgun is something which needs to be perfected simply to be useful -- there's no room for compromise if the handgun owner takes his or her responsibilities seriously. When I shot my modified Sig P245 for the first time, I realized that a promise had been kept and and that someone was watching out for my vital interests.  You can't get THAT product from a factory.
Thanks again for everything.

Dear TJ,
Even though we have been close friends for many years I thought I should write to the comments section about your work. Our friendship started with me as a rookie cop with a sick gun. We have both aged a lot since then and I can say that I have had the pleasure of owning and shooting a staggering number of TJ customs. The old world craftsmanship shows in every one. Although our tastes differ on "what looks good" we share the same appreciation for having pride of ownership in the finest pieces of equipment to make it home everynight.
I used my TJ P-220 to win a close-quarters duel in a dark bar where a single .45 in the 10 ring allowed me to go home. You have worked on every member of our range staffs guns, and have been a life-saver in being able to fix some of the more difficult problems that were beyond the expertise of our armorers.
To anyone who is trying to decide if they should send a firearm in for what is usually good chunk of change, I can only say this- If you want the best it doesn't come for free. When it does come back, you will own a fine piece of machinery, tuned to perfection by one set of hands that you will take pride in owning. Unlike many shops with big reputations where the big name gunsmith's newest apprentice is practicing on your gun, TJ does every bit of it by hand, by himself, for YOU. Its a real rarity these days.

Darryl Bolke
S.W.A.T. Firearms Instructor/ Armorer
Ontario Police Department
Ontario, Calif

I just opened the Springfield package. Just when I think it can't get any better, you've once again shown it to be the case again... I'm not one to rave about anything typically. I had to let you, and your potential customers know what I have experienced and continue to experience. The pistol is magnificent. Plain and simple. What started as a reclamation project, literally, has been transformed into a masterpiece. I had this supposedly "loaded" M1911-A1, with which I frankly was disappointed. The slide-to-frame fit was atrocious, the barrel fitting was awful, the saftey was not properly fit, and so on... I posed the question to you of what could you do, given free reigns. There is almost no hint of the prior pistol. Everything exudes the word "custom." The slide-to-frame fitting, Nowlin match bull barrel fitting, safety fitting, ejection port milling and flaring are first-rate. The action work is your usual superb affair. Every short-coming, I could identify, and even some that I didn't, were alleviated. In fact, your solutions, are better than any work I have seen by any other 'smith! Needless to say, I am more than happy. Even before firing it, I am sure this formerly "box-stock" pistol will quickly become my favorite. I am convinced, more than ever, that in this business, it is the man behind the work and his product, and not and not the "brand"-name that ensures quality. You know I have the numerous others as a basis for comparison here. After receiving your handiwork, all these items have attained a new level of serviceability, individuality, artistic appeal, and pride of ownership. As long as you're around, all my guns will receive your attention.
Thanks TJ, again!

H.A. Tate - 1JUNE99

I'm writing to let you know how pleased I am with my new Sig 220 DAO.
I sent it to you for a Level 1 Deluxe with polishing of the barrel.
First of all my all black pistol looks great with the polished barrel and trigger. I never thought a dull gun could look so good. Second, and most important, the work on the inside was even more surprising than the looks. I shot the gun the day after I received it (about 8 days after you received it) and the action was FANTASTIC ! The lightened D.A. pull was unbelievable. I'm sure you've heard this thousands of times, but it greatly exceeded my expectations. I love the shortened trigger, it feels and shoots like a different gun. As weird as it sounds, I actually feel more confident at work (Chicago P.D.) when I have it out than I did before. Its a different caliber of firearm now. I let my partner try it, as soon as he pulled the trigger, he said he had to send his away to you too.
I absolutely love it, money well spent, quick turnaround, Thank you.
Everything I've read about you and your work is definitely true. You're the BEST.
I also like the new gripscrews.

Thanks again,

Ref P-229 for custom work 05-28-99
TJ, just got my gun back today. It looks great,the action is flawless.
You did a Beretta 92 for me a few years ago I didn't think anything could be as smooth, but i was wrong, this 229 is. I will find out tomorrow how it shoots. Once again thanks for the great pistol,and the speedy return. If i can ever be of any assistance dont hesitate to call,your work speaks for it's self but I will tell everyone what a Great pistolsmith you are.

Steve Lewis

Date: 99-05-18 17:47:36 EDT

Some years ago I bought my first P-220, and didn't think it could be much improved. In fact, I liked it so much I bought another a few years later. Unfortunately, the newer one just did not work as well, and it was much more picky about ammunition type. So I sent it to TJ, and recently got it back. Got to shoot the two together this weekend and compare them. Not a single failure to feed from either, so a big improvement on the one he worked on. DA pull was much improved. All polishing flawless. Guess I'd better send my old one off too.....

Thanks, TJ!
Jim Grove Jr.

Ref: Sig 225

I have sent three guns to TJ and they all came back looking like works of art.
The craftsmanship and attention to detail were apparent in every aspect of the work I requested. My wife still carries the P225 I sent in for a major makeover.
Though its accumulated a few dings and scratches its still one of the best 9mm pistols I've ever fired. Also, I've been bothering TJ with all kinds of odd questions for years and he's shown me the patience of a saint. He's always been honest and attentive, no matter what the subject. To my shame, I admit I've tried a couple of other shops (Nowlin and Les Baer to name two) and their work CLEARLY didn't measure up. Novak's was close, but it still wasn't quite the same. I'll never make those mistakes again !
TJ's no compromise attitude and exceptional gunsmithing skill make him second to none in my book.

Brad VanHorn
Staff Sergeant, USMC
Havelock, NC


TJ performed a flawless job on my P229 in 1995. In 1999, after shooting USPSA for a year, I wanted to go back to a single stack .45. It's funny how practice exposes your flaws (weak hand). Being of small stature (small hands), I sent my P220 to TJ for a Level One and night sights. TJ's custom round-radiused trigger just blew me away. Having shot the gun for the first time today, I am still blown away.
I used to shoot the gun real well. Now, the gun shoots itself.
TJ, If I were a King, I would Knight thee!
Gentlemen, the Gunsmith of Choice.

Del Pohto, CWO3, USMC, Retired

Date: 2/1/00 8:32:47 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Neal Iha)
To: (TJ)

My P220 arrived yesterday. I was too busy to take a good look at it until today.
As soon as I opened the box I was floored! I am very impressed with the barrel work you've done.
The SIG Level One action job you did is awsome. It's hard to believe the trigger action on a SIG can get any better but you've done it! I saw in your e-mails from previous customers how they couldn't wait to take off the grips and check out the work to the internals, so that's what I did. Again I am very impressed! I can now see why you are refered to as "The SIG Sauer Specialist!"
As your note that came back with my gun says, " ... I take pride in my work and refuse to compromise the quality of it...", that kind of "Old World Pride" was very evident in the case of my gun in particular. It's refreshing to know that there are still people in this world who have unbending integrity!
I can't wait to take this baby to the range for a work out.

Thanks Again,
Neal Iha


My gun arrived yesterday. That was fast !
However, looking at all the work you did, it's obvious that you took your time with it.
The trigger and barrel really set it off, along with the extractor, etc. And I love the lighter trigger pull.
I only had time to run 100 rounds through it, but it worked flawlessly.
Will speed shoot with it in a few weeks. My time will definitely improve.
Thanks for everything!

David H.

Date: 3/30/00
From: Leverup

When I think of a gunsmith, only one person comes to mind for me,TJ. he has never let me down.
I am in law enforcement and my department's gunsmith will work on all the on duty weapons.
However, when it comes to off duty I go to TJ. I have called upon him three times.
All three times he has come through for me, with detailed custom work that only comes from dedication and pride in your work.
Off duty I have no radio to call for back up, I have no bullet proof vest, I have no black and white to hide behind. All I have is my off duty weapon and years of training. I know in order to survive a life and death situation my gun must never fail me. For this reason I go to TJ, and only TJ.
His expertise in guns is only surpassed by his pride in the work that he does.
When I think of TJ. I can hear the echoing words of Samuel Colt who stated many years ago,
"BE NOT AFRAID NO MATTER WHAT THE SIZE, CALL ON ME IN TIME OF NEED AND I SHALL EQUALIZE."  If your equalizer needs work then TJ is the man for all your guns needs.
You ask me if I trust TJ's work,,, "WHITH MY LIFE."

Respectfully Submitted
J. Bailey Ontario,Ca.

Subj: Super Sig's
Date: 3/24/00

      I have always been a big Sig fan and I was hoping to someday get the chance to have you "upgrade" mine. I just got my P220 and P226 back from you yesterday and I had the opportunity to shoot them today. They are by far the finest looking, smoothest trigger pull(ing), and most accurate pistols I have ever used. The level two packages with a teflon coat are totally worth it, the work was flawless.
The inside of the gun literally sparkles! The tritium sights with the orange color front sight make target accusation instinctive. If you ever need anyone to testify to your work have then e-mail me.

Timothy Knight

Date: 3/9/00 2:44:22
From: SEK113@worldnet.att



My name is David, and I had my sig 220 in for your level one about six weeks ago.
I am writing to thank you on what a great job you did.
I have put around 1,000 rounds through it with no feeding problem and my groups are SIGnificantly tighter. That being said, you will be the first person I ask before buying a sig sauer firearm and the first person I go to after picking it up.

Thank you.
David Kuo

Subj: Testimonial on TJ
Date: 5/5/00 8:32:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I work as a consultant doing a variety of Information Technologies related work for the Federal Government, and often travel worldwide in my job. I often leave on very short notice, travel for days, and upon arrival have to start the set up, enhancement or repair of key systems used in the gathering and use of real item information.
When I went to work doing this type of assignment, I quickly learned that anyone involved in this type of activity carried a sidearm for personal defense. It was a matter of personal choice as to what one choose to carry. As an analysts, I did a good deal of research into the various makes and caliber's of firearms that others were using and why. Along the way in my studies, I also found out about TJ.
I finally decided that the Sig 229 in 40 S&W was the sidearm of choice for me. Without ever firing a shot through the gun, I called TJ, and asked what he would recommend done to the gun. I sent the gun to him with the funds for a week rush job.
Not only did the job take far less than a week, it was far better than I anticipated. The work is world class, and top notch. The level one job cleaned up the internals, and made the action crisp with no creep.The Semi-bob hammer is a work of art, never snags but is a perfect fit to cock. At my request TJ also did some other minor polishing of parts of the gun, and it is the most ascetic weapon I own.
I have always been required to qualify once every 90 days to show ability with what I choose to carry. I got the Sig back about two weeks before another deployment, this one to a volatile area in Africa. I took the gun into the military range and having never used it even once before, scored higher than I had ever accomplished with a extremely modified 1911 based gun.
I have never traveled for work since without my TJ Sig!
Now my state has a concealed weapon law, and I have applied for and gotten a permit. I have purchased a new Sig 239 in 40 S&W and it is sitting in the vault. I am preparing to leave the county again, this time to the far east. But rest assured, the first thing I will do when I return is send that 239 off to TJ.
The same goes for a brand new 245 that I recently purchased, I would rather wait until I have the funds to do it right, and TJ has the time to do his magic to these new unshot guns.
Having known nothing but SIGs after he has done his magic, I know I would be disappointed if I did not have the gun worked over before I even try it. So thanks for spoiling me TJ, you are always a pleasure to talk with, or correspond with, you take great pride in your work, and it shows every time I go to work. You make arguably one of the best guns in the world even better, and the best firearms I have ever had the pleasure to own and use.

David C.

Subj: Testimonial
Date: 12/3/00
From: TimJKL

Dear TJ
The testimonial on your superb work follows, As you can see it is a rewrite of my e-mail, but should fall in line with the letters posted on your site. Glad to have you post it if you like:
Thank you for fixing and upgrading my Ruger Competition Target Model!
I fired it last night at the range and it is perfect!
After the first two magazines I realized I wasn't thinking about the gun any more -- just concentrating on sight alignment and trigger squeeze. Its great to have that confidence in the equipment again -- no slam-fires, no jams -- just the old, never-ending challenge of making tight groups.
Now the gun shoots better than I do.
The trigger is as smooth, crisp, and light as I could have hoped for; absolutely no distraction from aim-squeeze-follow through. Your work on the action is superb.
I know you found some pretty shoddy work inside the pistol when you opened it up. Thanks for taking the time to fix the problems, including the ones from previous people who didn't know or didn't care what they were doing. Its clear that your standards are way higher -- and I'm glad to be the beneficiary of your professionalism.
Will be asking you to upgrade the Para P14-45 Limited I shoot for IPSC, IDPA, and bullseye. It won me a Thanksgiving turkey last week, but will be much better with the improvements I've seen on guns you've reworked.
Thanks again TJ for your great work, and have a happy holiday season.

Tim Klug
NRA Basic Pistol/Personal Protection/AZ CCW Instructor/IPSC/IDPA.

I have had TJ perform two jobs--a level 1 on a SIG 229, which was fully up to the standards discussed by others on this web page, and a more interesting job, a custom extended safety for a SIG P-210. The SIG P-210 has the deserved reputation of being one of the most accurate (and expensive) production pistols ever made. This single-action gun was made by SIG itself in Switzerland, using care and precision that has pretty much vanished from factory guns. A stock P-210-6 shoots like a fully customized 1911. However, the pistol has one grievous flaw: a safety that is inaccessible from the right hand. In other words, you need to use your left hand to move it from safe to fire and back again while holding the pistol in your right hand. I took one of my P-210-6's to TJ and described the extended safety I desired. Based purely on viewing the gun and my hand, he created a one-of-a-kind extended safety that I can easily operate one-handed. It needed no modifications and works perfectly after three years of heavy shooting. Even more impressive, the new safety was made out of the original safety and so looks like a natural part of the pistol. TJ performed other work on the pistol from his regular repetoire, but the extended safety is, in my opinion, one of the coolest and most elegant pieces of work I have ever seen. For those needing a completely unique adaptation of a SIG or SIG/SAUER pistol, TJ is, in my opinion, the first and only choice.


Subj: customer comment
Date: 6/28/01

No one is more satisfied with TJ's work than I am.
I wholeheartedly believe every satisfying word on this website.
My experiences substantiate other's claims.
I sent a P229 in .40 S&W for a level one job, with a .357SIG extra barrel to be ported & polished. What I got was so impressive that I bought a P239 for him to customize. I am a high school teacher in Arkansas, so this was not begun without considering the cost.If it's value youre interested in, then you should seriously take my words.

TJ performed a level two job ( see his web site & drool ) in matte black on my P239 in .40S&W and did a high- polish on the rest of the barrel. The fit and finish are immaculate, and if that had been all that he had done, I would have been an overly satisfied customer.
He also fitted a BAR-STO .357SIG barrel,ported and polished it, polished off the machine marks, jewelled it, and put a high-polish on the rest of the barrel. Before he got the BAR-STO, he had plenty of time to design and build a two port compensator that is removable via a set screw.
He bent the slide stop lever out to a perfect angle, and made me happy shooting both calibers by adding adjustable night sights. His grip screws are worth the $ too.

How does it shoot ? The double action is noticably better, but it's the 2.25lb single action that makes you open your mouth very wide and mutter vowels.( Thank you,TJ ! ) The BAR-STO is worth the wait, especially if fitted by someone as competent as TJ, it's very accurate.
The gun feels silky-smooth and inspires confidence. And the comp works-- Double taps are smoother than with the .40S&W.
I'm a satisfied owner of a TJ's customized P239.
You can see a picture of it on his web site, and just imagine it smokin'.

Great job , TJ ,

Subj: RE: Para Ordnance
Date: 12/21/01 12:39:54
From: (james mailey)

I'm one of those old fashioned kind of people. I value people who have a standard of morals and integrity so high that compromise for any price is not an option. TJ is that kind of man. If TJ tells you something you can believe it. I brought a Para P14 to TJ to customize for me, I had an idea of what I wanted but more than anything I wanted to find someone who would tell me honestly what should be done, what could be done and what would be a waste of my money.

Like everyone else I work hard for my money. Having a weapon customized is no laughing matter to me. I wanted to walk away feeling comfortable that, whomever I handed my cash to was going to do his very best for me. After meeting and talking with TJ for about an hour I felt comfortable enough to hand over 90% of the cost for the work on my weapon. For me that was a statement of confidence in this man as a person not just as a craftsman.

In about one month, exactly the amount of time TJ specified I received an email from TJ telling me I could pick up my weapon. People I have quite a few customized Govt. models, they run the gamut from Smith and Wesson's custom shop to Wilson's Custom Combat. I can tell you I have nothing in my collection that I am more proud to display than that Para P14. TJ's work is excellent, I took it to the range the same day I picked it up, and it shot like a dream and was more accurate than I could hope for. The weapon needed some minor adjustments and to my surprise TJ opened his shop on a SUNDAY and did the adjustments while I waited. Now that's the kind of service to customers that only a man who takes pride in his work and is dedicated to the integrity of his craftsmanship is willing to offer. Will I use TJ's again, you bet I will.

James P Mailey
Los Angeles Calif.

Date: 1/2/02

I just got my Star "Firestar" back & out of the box. This is my 3rd TJ gun. I'm very happy with the Level I & Full Deluxe action trigger job. If you own a Firestar,you know that the trigger needs serious work. TJ also reconfigured the trigger shape-much improved.
Great job,TJ-It's like getting a new gun-only MUCH better.

A Satisfied Repeat Customer,
Steve S.

Date: 1/5/02


I sent a twenty year old Sig P210 (Swiss made) to T.J., which I had purchased second hand, for Level 2 gunwork package along with jewelling of the barrel, hammer and slide stop.
Additionally, I requested that the gun be accurized and a black matte Teflon finish be applied to both the frame and slide. Approximately ten days after sending the gun to him, it was returned to me with all the work done.

To say that the physical appearance of the returned pistol was great would be an understatement!!!
The matte black Teflon finish coupled with the jeweled stainless parts created an artistic effect which delighted my eyes as well as the people who viewed it at the pistol range. The internals were cleaned and polished with the feed ramp shining like a mirror.
On shooting the gun at the range, with full round nose FMJ ammo, I had no feed problems, the trigger broke crisply at 2.5 lbs. and the action worked smoothly. Accuracy was also excellent at 15 yards offhand, and I was able to shoot one ragged hole with Federal 124 gr. ammo, which was exciting from a 9mm pistol.

TJ promptly responded to all my inquiries and questions by e-mail and was a true gentleman and a pleasure to work with. His prices are not the cheapest, but in my opinion you get what you pay for, and the gun returned in excellent condition. Previously, I had sent T.J. a Sig P220 in 45 ACP as well as a Sig P226 in 9 mm. for Level I gunwork. Both of these guns returned in under a week and I was very pleased with all the work he performed. The older classic Sig P210 will remain as a collectible handgun for occasional use.

In summary, my experience with T.J.'s work and communication was excellent and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to upgrade their "out of the box" pistol to one which is custom grade and highly accurate. I will personally use his services again for future pistol work as needed.

Roland C. E., M.D.
Baltimore, Maryland

Subj: TJs Custom Gunworks Comments
Date: 2/23/02
From: mzolezzi

I sent my Smith and Wesson 340PD to TJ to have a deluxe action job performed, ajustment of the timeing, rounding and polishng of the trigger, and installation of an Ashley Express tritium front sight. With this being my daily carry gun, I also requested a one week turnaround at an additional cost. I recieved my gun back in only 4 days. All the work performed was of the highest quality, both functionally and cosmetically. TJ was also great to work with, always answering my questions via email promptly. Overall, I am very happy with the work performed by TJ on my gun and recommend his services to anyone in need of custom handgun modifications.

Michael Z.

Subj: sig 220
Date: 3/27/02

TJ: Gun was back on Friday, took it shooting on Tuesday, it shoots and looks Great. The people at the range could not believe how smooth the action and trigger was. A friend put a nice 1 hole group at 15 yards. You have made a good gun great.
Other guns will be comming your way. Thanks TJ

T. Jackson

Subj: P14 feedback
Date: 7/6/02 9:22:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (craig-out)
To: (TJs Custom Gunworks)

I sent TJ my carry P-14 for a complete job -- coating, action, parts.
Turn-around time was excellent, and TJ was very responsive to e-mail questions.
The workmanship is outstanding, and I notice the difference in accuracy even at 21' -- not just 50' or 50 yards!
Reliability is excellent (400 inexpensive reload rounds, not one issue) and even with the pin block still in, the trigger is crisp (TJ also included a shim in case I want to stop using the block later).
He's very open to discussion on parts/options (as opposed to some smiths with their "this is the way it's done" attitude).
I can hardly imagine how amazing his SIGs are!

Best, -M. Craig S.

Subj: Customer Comments
Date: 7/13/02

Despite what this caption may read, this IS an indifferent, comprehensive commentary of TJ's work and character.
I am not stating the following to toot my own horn, as opposed to showing a relative amount of expertise.
I have been a sworn peace officer for about 10 years and a firearm advocate for much longer. I have shot competitively, defensively and for recreational purposes. I am currently a Sheriff Department Rangemaster, Instructor and am commonly used by a District Attorney's Office for expert testimony in the realm of all types of firearms. I'm not nearly as much as an authority as TJ or our published/paid beloved "experts" like Masaad Ayoob. Please respect the fact that I have to maintain a reasonable amount of anonimity regarding my department and the locale of which I work. That being said, let's move on...... I have had weapons of nearly every type. Knowing each weapon comes from a factory, and currently and in recent years past, basicly stamped out of steel and thrown together, I feel every weapon with the exception of exotics requires a substantial amount of tuning/work to function properly from the start. I have had my firearms worked on by numerous gunsmiths throughout the world. Some of these tradesman have done good work, some have absolutely butchered firearms and have no business calling themselves gunsmiths. However, I found TJ in the earlier years of my firearm adolesence to my benefit. TJ does not butcher weapons, nor does he do good work. TJ's work is EXCELLENT and without equal. Not only is his work far beyond his competition, TJ offers unique services and parts which many of you should consider installing in your weapons if you want to really know your weapon's full potential. TJ's SIGARMS work is absolutely the grade which all others should be judged. I own quite a few peices of which are TJ's masterpeices (as all of his guns are) which are 1911's, SIGS, Berettas, revolvers and rifles. Some of these are full-blown race guns (stuff I used in competition) and others are serious carry weapons. It never fails to amaze me how much attention to detail TJ puts in every job whether it's a several thousand dollar weapon or a defense weapon. I have known TJ for over 13 years during which time, as most people of the same mindset do, TJ and I developed and a professional and friendly relationship. Having this fact in mind, I do remind myself of my duties and STILL examine firearms from every gunsmith possible, including TJ. I have never been disappointed by TJ's product, I wish I could say the same for others. Keep in mind folks, TJ does all of his own work. No apprentices, no interns, nobody BUT TJ wears his badge of honor. A true rarity in today's world. Having this fact in mind, can you beleive he still maintains such an expedient turn around on work? Trust me readers, it's not because he doesn't have any work to do, there's plenty, I've seen it. His work and customer faith has only been nutured by his undying devotion to providing the best product possible coupled with a reasonable time estimate. Hell of a service if you ask me. As to TJ's charcter. Have you ever met someone you knew was straight forward and immediately developed a sense or feeling of respect for them? More than likely you have. TJ personifies this type of mentality, creed and behavior. He is by far the most diligent, deliberate and decisive man you could ever hope to meet. A man of this nature can all but ensure a quality job and a person willing to stand behind every workpeice, part and service from his business. I get a lot of questions from people as to who I would recommend doing work on their guns. If I determine through questioning that someone actually wants to spend their money on serious work, I always ask them, "Do you want an incredible job or do you want to tell someone "so and so" worked on this gun so you can say I have a "so and so" gun?" Typically people ask these questions to see if I know who the large and "renowned" gunsmiths are. By the time I get done with people who are actually interested in learning something, they're on the internet looking at TJ's website. Eventually the others show me their weapons they've been waiting for one, two or three years gleaming with pride knowing they have a "so and so" gun. Then I ask, "Do you mind if I look at the guts of your gun?" They typically break the weapon down for inspection in a frenzy trying to impress me with an advertiser's gun who took virtually forever to return the work which was likely done by an apprentice. Then I show them mine/TJ's. Typical response...WOW. Then as to put salt on a wound I say, "Yeah, pretty nice huh...only took a couple of weeks." True, TJ's work is slightly higher priced than other gunsmiths. Ask yourself a question. Should you spend 10, 20 or even 30% more for TWICE the amount of work, quality and artistry? I depend on my firearms to defend my life and the lives of others. I know what my answer is.


Subj: Re: TJsCustomGunworks 229S
Date: 11/23/02

I braved the elements and went shooting. Sig performed excellent. Really like the narrow trigger, it stayed in the same place on my finger through complete D/A travel. That probably improved my shot more than anything. Very pleased. Will have more work for you down the road. I am not much of a writer, but the next paragraph is yours to post if you like.

I have been a Sig lover for about 12 years now and never have considered trying to improve on what I already thought was perfect. My most recent Sig is the P229 Sport and realizing this was a target pistol, I desired to improve my accuracy with the gun. I started researching gunsmiths and comparing prices. TJ's prices were a bit more than others but his reviews were so good I just had to try him, and you know what it's true, you get what you pay for. I pay more for Sigs cause I want the best, why not pay a little more to have the best work on them.

TJ does all the work himself and his pride in that work is evident. Double action pull is smooth as silk, single action is light with crisp break. The internal trigger components have a mirror-like finish. Out of everything TJ did, the trigger is my favorite. It stays in the same place on the pad of my finger through the complete D/A pull. TJ's work has given me the ability to shoot a smaller group. Some guns you know you will never trade off, this is one of them.
I can proudly say TJ is MY gunsmith.

Jeff Q.

Subj: TJsCustomGunworks
Date: 1/11/03
From: (Jeff S)
To: TJsCustom@AOL.COM
I wish to express to you my complete satisfaction with your work.
I wasn't sure if a trigger job would make that much of a difference, but your reputation convinced me to give it a try. Wow, am I glad that I did! This is what a revolver is supposed to feel like.
Everything I have read about your commitment to quality and craftsmanship is true.
You've got a customer for life here; I will allow no one else to work on my guns.

Many Thanks!
Jeff S.

Subj: Comments for website
Date: 4/26/03
From: HDRAG3@
To: TJs Custom

I am a producer of films, and usually I don't send cash to anyone without a guarantee.
In this case, I traded a few emails with TJ, and something told me to trust him.
I did, and sent my P-220 with cash to his work. TJ was in frequent contact with me and even offered his day glo sights for free because he believes in them so much. When I got my weapon back, the craftsmanship was obvious. Everything he promised was done. The gun was like brand new friend. The action was so smooth, I couldn't believe it. When it shot, there was 75 percent more accuracy than stock. Each part was smoothly upgraded, and in record time. I feel that my weapon is now 100 percent capable of saving my life. Of course, the operator is ultimately responsible, but TJ's expert gunsmith work has fine tuned my 220 to a level I never expected. His trigger is outstanding. His internals are flawless. I can't wait to send this junker 229 to him to see how he can remedy its flaws.
I highly recommend TJ across the board. I not only trust him, but now rely on him solely for my tuning expertise.


H. Dragonas
Producer of Films
Citizen of The United States.

Subj: Comments for Web Site
Date: 5/17/03
From: barkell

I have had TJ work on two of my pistols - a Sig 228 and a Beretta 92 F/S. I sent TJ my 228 first and was extremely pleased with the Level 1 work and the new trigger. I put between 50 and 100 rounds through it weekly, and is a pleasure to shoot, and has functioned flawlessly.

I had previously sent the Beretta to the factory for a trigger job and it came back with a rough spot and creep in the trigger. Another shop took out the creep and rough spot, but it became Double Action Only periodically. They replaced the hammer, and it ended up with an unacceptably heavy trigger pull. Finally I woke up, and sent it to TJ for Level 1 work. Just got it back, put a 100 rounds through it and it functions as it should. Not only have I spent more than necessary on the same work, but have not had the use of the pistol for way too long. I have learned my lesson, and will now only send my pistols to TJ.

Bruce A.

Subj: Baby Eagle
Date: 6/21/03
From: TimJKL
To: TJs Custom

Hey TJ!
Finally made time yesterday to shoot the Baby Eagle. It is like a new pistol! Absolutely the DA first shot action is smoother and tighter than before, and you eliminated the SA trigger creep -- the break is crisp now. Very Nice!
Thank you for the improvements you made.

Since I use the BE for IPSC and IDPA, I did a standard law enforcement requal series using rapid fire rates. (10 at 10, 10 at 20, 30 at 30 - except the last 10 were at 50'). Fired 249 of 250 possible, with 35 or so in the 5X ring. The action is so smooth that all the distracting roughness and anticipating shots is gone. Its just point and press. Chuck fired a few, as well, and pronounced that he likes it, too.
Thanks for the orange dayglo on the front sight TJ, makes the blade much easier to pick up on the draw, and on recovery for second shots.
Should have asked you to do it all a long time ago.

Hope all is well with you TJ,
Best regards,

Subj: TJsCustomGunworks Comments
Date: 6/8/03
From: Sadiescoutashes
To: TJs Custom

I would like to take some time and offer my comments and praise to not only a top-notch and superb gunsmith but also a true friend. I have known TJ for about 20 years so my opinion of him may be a little biased but are factual and honest. Over the many years I have known TJ he has worked on and upgraded many firearms for me. Including Smith & Wesson revolvers, Colt and Kimber 45 autos, Sigs, Browning Hi-powers, and other firearms. He discussed with me and asked pertinent questions about what I wanted or may want for each firearm before he started work. Each and every firearm was completed to perfection and if there was something about the action job I was not comfortable with (trigger pull for example) he would adjust it to my satisfaction at no extra charge. TJ would also suggest other improvements or modifications that he knew I may want or appreciate-such as new sights or stipling to improve grip retention.
I am a licensed pharmacist, have served as a reserve police officer and was actively involed in NRA pistol tournaments and plate shooting in my younger years. I know the value of a a truely accurate and dependable firearm. I will not compromise at all when it comes to someone working on my firearms who is not the best. TJ is the BEST and I would have no one else ever work on any of my firearms.
I would have no problem changing my doctor or dentist but would never change my gunsmith.

Gordon Engel PharmD

Subj: Re: Colt1911 Work
Date: 6/30/03
From: lawfirm@concentr

Hi T.J.,
I've had a chance to get to the range, and the gun is great.
T.J.s work is top-of-the-line. His turn-around time was very impressive, and he worked with me to customize my 1911 for reliability and performance. I would add that his jeweling technique is very unique. I've never seen another gunsmith who does it. Hopefully you'll see his handiwork some day in an article on my gun.

Dale M., Knoxville, Tennessee.

Subj: Testimonial
Date: 7/21/03
From: (-B Ranch)
To: TJsCustom@AOL.COM (TJ)

I wanted to pass along a quick note regarding TJ and the quality work he has performed on two of my Sig 220's. I have handled and shot just about all of the major types of handguns available. I have yet to find a defensive handgun that will surpass a 'TJ improved' Sig 220. Trigger pulls are crisp, light, and free from unnecessary slack. Actions are buttery smooth. Feeding, firing, extraction, and ejection are dependable and brisk. He really does take one of the best out of the box handguns and improve it. We all know that factories can sometimes make mistakes. Having TJ work on your gun will not only result in a dramatic improvement in the functioning and reliability of that weapon, but will also provide piece of mind through knowing that he has personally and thoroughly inspected each component of that weapon to ensure that everything is exactly as it should be. You can bet that any new handguns I acquire will also be sent his way. His attention to detail, the quality of his work, the piece of mind that comes with one of his reliability packages, and the level of candor you can expect from him when it comes to discussing ideas that will, and won't, work in a defensive handgun makes the cost of sending a handgun to him very fair.

As an aside note, my wife was impressed enough with TJ's work and candor to send her Sig 239 to him for a level one, night sights install / sight in, and grip tape. She then took the improved 239 with her to Thunder Ranch. Three days, no cleaning, in excess of 600 rounds of ammunition fired, and ZERO malfunctions. Thanks TJ.

Clay and Christen Boone
-B Ranch
D'Hanis, Texas

Subj: Another job well done
Date: 7/25/03
From: timothyk@frontier

I just came back from an outing were I used the last 226 you did from me. Not only did it get attention for how cool it looked, but it functioned flawlessly, as usual. You have done 8 guns of mine now and not a bad word could be spoken about a single one. From small to large I have some of the finest handgun in the world thanks to you. I hope someday to be able to shoot up to them.

Tim K.

Date: 7/24/03
From: smilenstan@earthlink
To: TJsCustom@AOL.COM

T.J., just returned from the range. Put three different loads/brands thru it and had no problems. What a great feeling. I had two different gunsmiths work on the extractor which needed replacement and they just could not get the geometry and spring to provide a reliable gun. Since Star is out of business and there are no new importers to provide parts , I had to dig around to find a reasonable facsimile for the .40 gun. The only thing I found were 9mm extractors. One "smith" went thru two different extractors before I moved on to another. He came close but no cigars! So I furnished three extractors for these guys to "practice their fitting and finishing" technique. In over thirty years of handling pistols, I never had so much trouble as that Star and its extractor replacement. I owned the gun for over a year but it lived at my house for only two months. All the other time it was in the gunshop. Since I am passing out accolades, I must say how impressed I was with the turnaround time; and, your effort to establish a dialog with me so I could make intelligent decisions on the other work I had done on this little gun. I remember one of your e-mail dated at 10 pm. Instead of sitting around the house and counting your money, you were still working on projects late at night for your customers. Dedication, professionalism, and good old fashion "hard work" seems to be the best way in describing your ethic!

Can't wait to see the S&W 29 you melded/rounded and hard chromed. As soon as you return that one I'll ship the Colt Compact for night sight and hard chrome. By the way, that DayGlo on the STAR front sight looks good, and you did a great job on the trigger and safety.

Thanks again. ...........cheers............Stan

Subj: Sig P-239
Date: 7/22/03
To: TJs Custom
I was thrilled when I received by Sig P-239 from TJ. The Level II package has increased my shooting pleasure enormously. The teflon plating makes cleaning the slide a breeze. The action is silky smooth, and by far this the cleanest double action trigger I've felt. Spent casings now collect in a neat little pile about 18 inches in diameter. TJs customer service is excellent, keeping you informed of the process along the way. Thanks again!

Steve C.
Central Pa

Subj: Charter .44
Date: 10/9/03
To: TJsCustom@AOL.COM

Warning to prospective customers of TJs Custom Gunworks..About six months ago I had the itch to c lean up my little S&W mod.29 (3 inch bl)..Heard about TJ and started a dialog about melding/rounding and a hard chrome finish. After several e-mail communications I finally said "do it as if it was your gun." It came back in beautiful shape and he was a little critical about the "trigger job" a previous gunsmith had done on it.. I was so impressed with TJs work and his sincerity to make sure his customers had a "good gun" in their inventory, that I started to look at my little collection of guns and see what could be improved with their condition/function/esthetics....During the following months TJ hardchromed my .45 Compact, installed night sights, jeweled the barrel;;then repaired extractor/action on Firestar .40;; and customized a Charter .44.. Throughout these different jobs I could always rely on him for guidance and suggestions to improve my pistol ..... So my warning to anyone who does business with TJ -- it's just like eating Jays potato chips -- you cant stop eating after you tasted one!! After I saw his work on my first gun that he worked on, I just kept sending guns till I ran out..I cannot find another gun in the house so I guess my only communication with TJ from now on is a Christmas Card every year.......Wait a minute, I just remembered, my daughter has two .38s I gave her....I will have to see what "improvements" TJ can put on them....Regardless of the type work you want done on your shootin iron, TJ is the guy you want doing it...I shoot a little informal IDPA and my part-time job requires a gun in my pocket or on my hip..With the pistols TJ worked on I am confident on the range or on the job,,and they sure are "pretty."

Date: 10/20/03
From: (D John Larsen)
To: (TJ)

TJ -
I would like to thank you for your excellent service and support.
Your reputation as a master Sig Sauer craftsman is understated.
You are THE Sig Sauer gunsmith. Period.

For all those reading reviews on this guy, believe all of them. TJ stands by his work, and his work is the best.
I sent TJ a Stainless Sig P220 that was rusting, strangely (because I'd only owned it for a few weeks.) He did a level one action job, put orange dayglow on the front sight, put black stainless hex grip screws in, and coated the small parts and the slide in his *awesome* Black Matte Teflon finish. I received the weapon back in 1/4 the stated turn around time, and the work was 10 fold what I expected. The parts fitted together much better than factory, and had a much smoother operating feel. I did have a chipping problem with the Teflon coating, and soon contacted TJ about it. We chalked it up to the inconsistent Stainless alloy that was causing my sig to rust. He said I could send the slide back to him and he'd refinish it, no charge. So, I did this, and he completed the work, with extra effort put into the adhesive process for the Teflon Finish to stick to the inferior alloy. He roughed up the slide much more than usual, causing his Finish to adhere, and it has, with no problem. As he states, he sticks by his work. No questions asked.
Also, the custom trigger he installed is a dream to shoot with, a pleasant 3 pound trigger pull makes shooting much more fun!

I recommend TJ to anyone looking for custom gun smithing, be it a sig or anything else. I have about 5 friends sending their Sigs and other weapons to TJ, you should too! Also, I am going to be posting MY pictures of his work on my website, as soon as possible.

--++ David Larsen

Subj: RE: P229
Date: 01/26/2004
From: James Kaucher

I took the P229 to the range on Saturday. I ran the following ammo through it:

1. 14 gr. of AA#9 with a Rainer 115 gr. hollow point. These were reloads that I made about an hour before I went to the range.
2. 8.7 gr. of Power Pistol with a Hornady 124 gr. FMJ, FP. These were handloads with new cartridge cases.
Both shot very well.
Load #1 is extremely accurate and functioned flawlessly. I deliberately used reloads with a maximum charge because I wanted to see how it functioned. The pistol is very nice.
The sights are pretty much spot-on. I noticed that you staked the front sight. That's great, as it will help keep them in place. The day-glo orange helps these aging eyes see the front sight more easily in an indoor range. I'm very glad I chose that option.
The trigger and action are wonderful.
In single action mode, it breaks cleanly and crisply. For accurate shots, it's hard to beat. I'm now getting the kind of groups that I previously got only from my customized 1911. In double action, the pull is a bit more stiff that it used to be, but the pull is smooth. With the new trigger, there is virtually no deflection during the DA trigger pull. I did several draw and fire drills (double and triple taps), seeing how the pistol felt when I drew and fired DA, then SA. No problems.
I am extremely pleased with the work that you have done.
I want to run a couple hundred more rounds through it before I start carrying it again. I have total confidence, however, that this will be a wonderful carry gun: powerful, accurate, and utterly reliable.
Outstanding work, TJ. Well worth the money. Please feel free to post any of my comments on your website, if you feel it would be helpful to do so.

James W. Kaucher
Tucson, Arizona

Subj: Re: TJsCustomGunworks
Date: 03/02/2004
From: Tony Caras

Hi TJ,
I'm sorry it has taken so long to email you. I received my pistol and barrels a couple weeks ago. I didn't get a chance to shoot it until just recently.
I don't like to part with any of my guns even if it is just for a short time while I get some custom work done. I have to admit you do incredible work and you were able to complete it and return it to me even quicker than your first estimate. You do beautiful work. The barrel jeweling is better than I've ever seen before. The day-glo coloring on the front sight catches the eye and speeds up target acquistion. The throat and polish of the barrels and feed ramp are beautiful and smooth as glass. The best part of all is the great action job and short trigger. You took a good Sig action and made it a great action. With just a couple hundred rounds of practice I'm already shooting quicker, smoother and more accurately than before.
I let a few other guys at the shooting range compare my Sig with the brand new Sigs behind the counter. With just one trigger pull they've all become convinced that you make a good action much better.


Subj: feedback
Date: 03/08/2004
From: Pat Phillips

The following is for your "customer comments" section on your web site. Thank you very much for doing such a nice job on my rough little 220. When I shoot this barrel out, it'll go back to you for a new one. Nicejob!

TJ is an Artist. You can call him a gifted gunsmith, but artist fitsbetter.
I sent him a stock SigP220 that I was sure was shooting 6" low and feltvery rough.
It was back within a week. No rush was asked for. He just did it.
I was skeptical the work would be his best due to the short turnaround but I couldn't have been more wrong. When I pulled the pistol out of the packing and went over it I was impressed. The attention to detail and overall operation was astounding. I beat feet to the range and chuckled under my breath as each shot rolled off my finger. SMOOTH is the one word that came to mind. And the inherit accuracy had appeared that I had so many high hopes for. Now, I was plugging the bull at 15 yds withconsistency in rapid fire!
TJ, you will be the ONLY smith that works my handguns from now on.

-- Pat Phillips
J2EE Developer

Subj: new project
Date: 06/03/2004
From: Eric Harstad

TJ; although its been 10 years or better I just wanted to thank you for the terrific job you did on my sig p226, it has stayed my favorite and daily carry. I own other sigs which have been worked on by others, but your work outshines them all thank you again sir!

....Eric Harstad

Subj: I tore into the shipping box like a kid on Christmas morning and when I saw it I just SMILED with joy :)
Date: 06/11/2004
From: shanksterc@ccso

Hello TJ,
Today I received my brightly polished Hard Chromed Glock 27.
Man, I have a cramp in my face from smiling all day.
I found myself holding it in my hands all day and carefully wiping any finger print smudges off every minute or two. In fact my partner told me several times to put my gun away and do some work.
First of all I want to thank you for being the skilled Gunsmith "Artist" that you advertise yourself to be. I am extremely satisfied with the custom work that you did on my Glock 27. You transformed my boring, all black plastic gun into a beautiful shining piece of art. Prior to learning about your existence, I spoke with representatives from businesses that manufacture aftermarket products for my Glock and others that do "custom" gunwork. They tried to discourage me from having my slide hard chromed and polished to a mirror finish because, they had seen some failed efforts to produce a smooth, evenly polished finish. They said, I would not be happy with the ripples and waves in the finished product. Obviously they had not seen any of your work. Well I will be sure to e-mail them pictures of my finished product, along with a link to your website.
The highly polished (hard chromed) slide and extracter are truly polished to smooth mirror finish. I also love the Meprolight night sights with the bright green "day-glo" added to the front sight. The "day-glo" really does help me acquire the sight picture more efficiently.
You communicated with me over the internet and by telephone to give me the status of the work being done on my handgun and that was very important to me, especially since I had not done any business with you prior to this project.
I took my Glock to work today and showed all of my co-workers. They were envious to say the least. I was like the proud father of a newborn baby. They loved the work you did to my gun too. Some of them said they are going to send their guns to you for customization.
I am definately going to send you my Sig Sauer P228 for custom finish work as well as the more important inner component tuning and polishing.

Thank you again for your prompt professional service,
Detective Chris Shankster

Subj: Re: Sig 220
Date: 06/04/2004

I highly recommend your work. My writing skills are not up to your gunsmithing standard but it's sincere.
Thanks for the excellent work you've done on my Sig's.

I wanted some work done on my Sig P220, but wasn’t satisfied (to say the least!) about the local gunsmiths in my area. I happen to run across TJ’s web page and then read about his work in a book about Sig’s. I sent him my P220 for a Level 1 package and I got it back in about a week. His work is excellent! I can shoot this gun better then ever, the trigger is very very smooth.
I decided to send him my second P220 which I carry as my off duty gun. TJ did a level 2 package, bobbed the hammer and removed the tang; I also had the gun completely hard chromed. I expected to wait about 8 weeks for the gun due to the refinishing. About week seven TJ emailed me apologizing for the long time he had my gun and explained that the finish wasn’t up to his standards and had the offending parts redone. When I received my gun it was outstanding! Once again TJ had done excellent work, I couldn’t be happier! I have to mention the jewelling he has done on the barrel, Pictures didn’t do it justice. It was fantastic!
When I went to qualify with it the range instructors had to try it and I didn’t think I was going to get it back. Everyone who sees or shots it are impressed and wants to know where to get one. I recommend TJ without any hesitation; I have yet to see a gunsmith do any work that’s comparable to his.

Sincerely, Jim Massano

Subj: Tomcat rec'd and 340PD enroute
Date: 07/09/2004

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you did on the Tomcat. My wife absolutely loves it! She is not traditionally a big fan of guns, but she sure loves that 'cat, now that it has a great DA/SA pull, polished trigger, etc.
Your attention to detail is first-rate and we thank you. It was worth every penny.

Thanks again for everything. I'm really looking forward to more of your handiwork!

Gary Sanders

Subj: Comments for Website
Date: 07/22/2004

Dear TJ,
Please feel free to use the following comments on your website:
"I decided to send my Kimber 1911 Gold Match .45 to TJ after hearing about his work from a friend and from a lengthy email discussion with TJ regarding the work to be done. My Kimber had a botched "trigger job" from a local incompetent gunsmith that needed to be repaired, along with my request for the installation of a Fiber-optic front sight, an action/trigger job, and S&A magwell install. TJ provided excellent email updates and suggestions while the work was being done, which was completed in less than 2 days! My Kimber feels like a different pistol - it now has a perfect 2lb smooth crisp trigger and a super smooth action. TJ has created the ideal IPSC Limited 10 pistol for me! He is a true craftsman. I will not hesitate to send him my other competition and carry guns for customizing."

Thanks again for your great work!

David Grob
Carmel, NY


Dear TJ:

I just want to express my deepest satisfaction in the quality of your work.
Simply; your work is exraordinary.
When I opened up the package containing my SIG P226, I examined the internal work, and found the work to be that of a true artisan.
I immediately test fired my SIG P226.
I fired one complete magazine of 15 rounds.
The action was smooth as silk; crisp, clean, and absolutely no trigger "creep".
My shots at 15yds slow fire were the size of a 50-cent piece, amaizing!
Superb accuracy!
As a police officer, I trust my life with your work, and highly recommend your work to any civilian, law enforcement, and military professional.

Best Reguards,
Tony Luisi
Police Officer / Rangemaster

Subj: Customer Comments
Date: 08/22/2004

I just put my gun through its paces and below are my comments.
I've now had my Double-Action Only P-220 for a week after getting TJ's Level I Deluxe Package and I have to say I'm very impressed. The gun looks and feels great. I work for the Chicago Police Dept. and am a loyal fan of Sig Sauer handguns. They provide good performance out-of-the-box so I really didn't want to mess with a stock Sig handgun. I also wasn't comfortable with sending my $700 firearm through UPS to a complete stranger. However, I execute a lot of search warrants so I needed an extra edge. I did a little research, read TJ's FAQ page, sent it in and held my breath.
Since I got it back I have shot over 300 rounds through it (including 185-grain FMJ, 230-grain JHP and +P ammo) with no problems. Although it still looks like a stock blue-steel Sig, the stainless trigger is light and crisp and the slide action is smoother. The internals were polished to enhance reliability and I think that it makes the gun easier to clean and oil. For what its worth, it also makes the other Sig owners jealous! The price is a bit steep but TJ's work is for the serious shooter or for one who carries a firearm for a living. I have more pride and confidence in my sidearm and I've found a professional and talented gunsmith, so it was well worth the investment.


Subj: Re: 340PD work
Date: 09/08/2004
From: Run DM Lee
To: TJs Custom

Hi TJ,
UPS took their time, but I finally received the package. nice work... Took it to the range, the action feels excellent.. exactly what I was hoping for. Here are my comments which you are free to use... Thank you again!

I had work performed by TJ on my S&W 340PD. I found TJ’s via the internet through reviews and comments. They were very helpful in providing insight into his dedication to quality. My final decision to go with TJ was after communication via e-mail. As he requested, I kept my questions brief and to the point. His responses were prompt and informative. I informed TJ that my 340PD is for my conceal carry personal protection, so reliability was not to be compromised, but I was interested in lightening the trigger pull, without disqualifying it from conceal carry (i.e. trigger pull must be at least 4lbs DA). He recommended the Deluxe Action Job. This gave me the final confidence that he was the man for the job. Got my gun back today… went immediately to the gun range. I was very pleased with the results. The trigger pull was very crisp and much lighter ( from ~15lbs to maybe around 8 lbs, which is well within the conceal carry 4lbs requirement). One-handed shooting, left or right hand, could be performed with ease, whereas before there was some slight trembling from the effort to pull the factory heavy trigger setting. TJ lived up to his reputation. I’m totally satisfied with his work done to my S&W 340PD.

Ricky Lee

Subj: RE: great gun
Date: 12/3/2004

Hi TJ, I shot my Sig yesterday. I love it. Thanks for all you did to it.
Its amazing how better it shoots. I can see why they call you the Sig expert.
I shot 250 rounds and not even 1 round misfired. I love the work.

Paul Basch

Subj: Re: Sig P220 Work
Date: 12/4/2004
From: GUMSHOE001
To: TJs Custom


I wanted to thank you for the outstanding work on my SIG P-220 .45 ACP duty weapon.
The workmanship performed on the Level One job is of the finest I have ever seen.
The real proof however, is how the weapon shoots. I was very pleased with the way the SIG shoots. The TJ short trigger helped with my small hands and both DA and SA firing was crisp without even a hint of creep. In addition the trigger reset on SA was precise. The Day Glo front sight really did help keep me focused. I shot 100 rounds of 230gr Hydra Shock the day after I received the weapon back from you. The smoothness of the action combined with the short trigger and the front Day Glo sight resulted in a very easy package to shoot. The weapon performed flawlessly and the rounds went exactly where they were intended.
I highly recommend your work to anyone who is looking for first rate gunsmithing on a SIG.

Best Regards,

Greg Stone
Alexandria, VA

Subj: Re: Sig P220 Work (2)
Date: 12/13/2004
From: GUMSHOE001
To: TJs Custom

Today I received the second SIG P-220 back from you.
As with my first, I had you perform a Level One Package, including the short trigger, and added the Day-Glo front sight.
This second weapon had over 5,000 rounds through it and was well broken-in.
What is interesting to me is that both SIG's are now virtually identical in feel and performance. Both the DA and SA triggers are smooth, devoid of creep and a surprise break occurs in each mode. The smoothness of your action job has resulted in significantly increased accuracy in my shooting.
Moreover, the SIG is just nicer to shoot. I really appreciate the effort you put in to both of my SIG's and I believe my safety is enhanced by your work on these firearms. If someone is interested in the very best custom work, I highly recommend your shop.

Best Regards,

Greg Stone
Alexandria, VA

Subj: TJsCustomGunworks Comments
Date: 1/24/2005
From: MWyatTwerp
To: TJs Custom

Call me a old fashioned, but I still carry a revolver off duty.
Especially after you worked on my J-Frames, I can't think of an auto that I would prefer.
I am more accurate with my snubbies than I am with some of my larger automatics.
So far, you've done the same work on four of my revolvers and I'm working on getting a fifth one to you.
The PD action jobs are outstanding and make shooting the small "hand cannons" kinda fun. I wish my department allowed custom work on our duty weapons as I carry a Sig, but until they do, I will just have to settle for the night sights and DayGlo that you installed.
Thanks for the quality work and I look forward to having you apply your trade/art to more of my weapons.


Subj: Re: Pomona PD
Date: 2/8/2005

Finally got it, and no words can describe the workmanship you have shown on my gun.
It is more than anything I could ever have imagined!!!!
You have a customer for life and just to let you know, I feel so much more confident carrying your gun to protect my life and those I love.
I think this is the highest compliments I can give you.
If I ever get to meet you, the next beer will be on me.

Yours sincerely,

Subj: RE: Gun_Question
Date: 2/17/2005

Hi TJ,
Here is another comment for your comment page (you posted my last comment on the Kimber work, feel free to use this one as well.)

"I sent TJ my STI 2001 9mm for repairs after a bizarre occurrence caused the thumb safety to jam up into the rear cocking serrations. TJ was able to repair the badly burred serrations with his awesome melt technique and repaired/tuned the thumb safety better then new. He also applied his Teflon to the slide, grip safety, thumb safety and slide release - it looks and functions better then ever. TJ suggested additional work to be done to enhance the pistols function - all of which was informative and shows his expert experience. As usual, TJ has once proven himself to be a master gunsmith. This STI is my IDPA ESP class competition gun."

David Grob

Date: 3/17/2005
From: travislmoon

Hi TJ,
I just want to send a follow-up on the work that you have performed for me recently.

After extensive research online I ran across your website when looking for Sig Sauer pistol smiths. I had just purchased a P220ST and was quite happy with the gun, but understood that it could be improved. After reading through all of the testimonials from customers, I knew I had found the right person to improve my already-excellent gun.

After having you perform a "Level 1" action job on my Sig, I was impressed to say the least. There is NO creep in the trigger - just a perfectly clean break. Single-action is better now, but double-action is incredible compared to factory. The internals all looked mirror polished when I tore the gun down (about 30 seconds after UPS dropped it off). After comparing them side by side (you had actually encouraged me to only send 1 gun at a time so I could compare both), I was impressed enough that I immediately sent a second P220 in for identical work. You turned around both guns far quicker than I expected and communicated with me every step of the way. The second Sig had actually come from the factory with a slide that fit quite poorly and would stick. Your extra polishing and attention on that gun took care of the problem.

I was impressed enough by your work on the Sigs that I chose to send off my S&W 686PP for a Level 1 action job, to have the hammer rounded and polished, and to have a fixed external trigger stop installed. I just received the gun back from you and haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but I will say I have never felt a smoother, cleaner-breaking, more comfortable double-action or single action trigger. I cannot believe you were able to get the original ugly trigger and hammer (what was S&W thinking?) to look like pieces of jewelry. I love the trigger stop too, and it is clear that you spent some real time working on that gun. To be quite honest, I was a little hesitant to spend $400 for work on a gun that I thought was already pretty awesome from the factory. Now I know why I paid the money.

Anyway, thanks for the extra attention to detail and fine workmanship. I would recommend you highly to anyone.

Travis - California
March 17, 2005

Subj: Re: Sig 239
Date: 4/6/2005
From: Colo Mtn Cwby
To: TJs Custom

Over the years, I have invested in a number of customized guns with some of the biggest names in the gunsmithing world.
I've paid for a lot of things that didn't get done right, didn't get done at all, or had to be done over at extra expense by someone else. And, getting your gun back in less than six months has become a minor miracle, it seems.
Anyway, I really liked what I saw on TJ's website and sent my SIG 239 off to him for some major work. I must admit I was a little apprehensive because I've seen pretty work in websites or brochures that didn't quite match up to what I saw when my gun came back.
Well, my SIG came back faster than any gunsmith has ever turned a gun around and looking better than anything on the website---meaning the web pictures just don't do TJ's work justice. More importantly, it feels good in my hand and I have complete confidence in its reliability--not a small thing to me since I now choose to use it for my conceled carry (over some very expensive 1911s, Glocks, S&Ws, etc.).
I've been around long enough to remember when the expression "you get what you pay for" really meant something---with TJ, it does.

Thorne Chambers

Date: 8/18/2005
From: - - - -
To: TJs Custom

Ever since getting my .45 back I've been sneaking out of the house at every opportunity.
Do you have a girl friend? my wife asked abruptly Monday night after I tooled in around ten in the evening.
My mind raced. Well sort of but it’s not what you're thinking honey honest!
That’s when I noticed the rolling pin sliding slowly from behind her bathroom.
Cornered no place to run, all magazines empty. It was truth and consequences time.
Here, let me show you before you get carried away.
She appeared genuinely relieved when I handed her the (dirty but well greased) gun with the breech open followed by my best target of the evening.

When I first bought the P-220 she pronounced it the ugliest gun she had ever seen. I could tell she was impressed with the new looks.
"Very nice I like this. What did you do with the other one?" That was the moment I was sure I was going to be pistol whipped with my own gun for the second time in as many weeks.
And precisely the moment I decided to do what every gun loving husband would do tap dance.
Before this was over she was going to ask "How much?", and if I told the truth I would certainly join those souls killed in their own homes with their own guns. Feet don't fail me now!
All she said as I wrapped up my best Jeffery Hines was - "It really is hard to believe it’s the same gun, and you say it shoots better too, and all you had to buy were the parts and fix his computer network?"
As I caught my breath I managed a convincing, Yep (huff, puff) right, (huff) worm problem (puff) fixed (huff, puff) happy man.
Dude, I am so glad you only take cash no audit trail, no canceled check, no tell tale credit card statement. It’s genius. You really have this thing figured out right up to part about not answering the door. You say it’s so you can concentrate, but you and I both know it’s so an outraged wife doesn't pistol whip you with the gun you just rebuilt.

Work the quality of yours isn't cheap, but the rewards are immense, far more than the money. You sir are an artist. My P-220 is now not only a thing of mechanical beautiful, but it’s the smoothest, straightest shooting pistol I've ever handled.
Tonight I put it up against a Kimber 1911 Gold Cup and the Kimber owner was impressed.
By the way, you should have noticed a rise in your Tetra stock. Plus I really like the way Rig #2 cleans the finish on the gun. A clean and well greased gun is not only a happy gun, but a source of pride.
TJ, if you'd answer your door and I could lift my right arm I'd shake your hand. Great job, and remember if my wife calls lie: I'll send the ten bucks later.

Dip (real name withheld to avoid divorce proceedings)

Date: 9/7/2005
SUBJECT: Testimonial of TJ's work on my AMT .45 Backup.

After reading TJ's web site over and over I finally decided to send my favorite little gun to him for a Sig Level 1 package. I could find no one else to work on this unpopular weapon, let alone someone who had worked on one before with success. People can say what they want about the AMT, but it's perfect for me and I wanted only the best to work on it. I've been timid about having my weapons worked on because of so many butchered-jobs that others have told me about.
The result was absolutely worth the money! The little AMT now performs flawlessly and feels and shoots so much better. The reduced trigger pull, perfect feeding and ejection have increased my confidence in my AMT 10 fold. The rounded/radiused trigger is fantastic too. I feel much more confident on the street now knowing I can rely on my Backup to protect my family because of TJ's artist-like work. TJ's turn around and question response time was super fast too. I totally did not expect such fast and thorough service.
For the skeptics reading this: You WILL get what you pay for and you WILL be impressed with TJ's work and customer service.
Thanks TJ.

Houston, TX

Subj: TJsCustomGunworks Comments
Date: 9/25/2005
To: TJsCustom@AOL.COM

TJ, why don't the rest of those Internet-based businesses get it?
I'm not sure Dell, Inc. could have provided a quicker turn-around, a better product, or kept me better informed of the status of my order. And those other gunsmiths that expect you function normally while your gun is sitting on their workbench for six to nine months.what, are they nuts? The Level 1 job you did on my Sig P220ST was outstanding. But I've got to tell you, the fact that you did the work and got it back to me in less than half the estimated time - well, that's just one more feather in your cap as far as fanatical customer service is concerned.
Two days after I received it, I ran 300 rounds of 230 grain Remington through it at the range without any feed problems whatsoever. My shooting was notably better (thanks to the lightened double action and the orange "day-glo" that made it a snap to put on target), and it was a new experience for me shredding those bulls-eyes. I probably didn't need to shoot the last 100 rounds, but it was hard for me to call it a day with the results I was getting. Although they probably have to wait another forty years or so, my kids are already drawing straws to see on whose list it goes for "guns they really want to inherit."

Philadelphia, PA

Subj: My TJ's Custom Experience
Date: 10/26/2005

I got my guns back yesterday and to say I was pleased would be an understatement. I had a SIG 226 worked on strictly for cosmetics and a 229 worked on for both form and function.
They both look like museum pieces -- almost too pretty to shoot.
I'm talking craftsmanship and attention to detail that is obvious at first glance and at all subsequent glances. The more I hold them and drool on them, the more I notice and the more I appreciate the end result. When I hold these guns I get the same feeling as when I see a perfectly restored muscle car or a hand-built chopper. The 226 had a marble anodized finish combined with chromed small parts and the Teflon finish slide. It is a unique look. Not everyone will like it and that was what I wanted. The slide and small bits of the 229 were chrome plated and the hammer was bobbed. He also did a mini "melt job" that adds to form and function. This gun also got a complete action job. TJ's triggers went on both -- mostly for looks -- but they also feel better than stock.
To be quite honest, I was a little reluctant to spring for the action job, as I have a gunsmith friend who cuts me a very good deal and does solid work. I am very glad I opted to spend the extra cash. The first time I pulled the trigger, I knew I had made a smart investment. There is no comparison to a stock SIG trigger pull. In fact, there is no comparison to another SIG I have that had been worked on by another gunsmith. The best comparison I can make is to a tricked out 1911 and that is saying a lot.
TJ claims that the reason he does not talk to customers on the phone is so that the can continue to focus on doing a great job in a reasonable time frame and I believe him. I was a little leery about sending guns and a large sum of money (cash or money order no less) to someone I had never talked with, but it turnned out not to be a problem. This is not to say that I did not get good customer service, he always found the time to answer my e-mail questions promptly and thoroughly -- even in the middle of the night -- and I had a lot of questions. He also knew how anxious I was to see the guns and he was good enough to e-mail me photos before they were shipped!
At first blush it might seem like TJs prices are on the high side, but once you see what you get for your money you will realize the prices are actually very reasonable. It is great to see such pride in workmanship. I can't wait to show off both guns to my buddies in my defensive pistol league and can't wait to outshoot them with a pink marbled gun!

Dean Rodgers
Lake Oswego Orygun

Subj: TJsCustomGunworks Comments
Date: 2/21/2006

Subject: TJ's Custom Gunwork

Just like all the other work you have done for us, more of the same, QUALITY, WORKMANSHIP and ETHICS!!!
The work done on my Sig P245 and my wife's Sig P232 could not be any better, period!
We purchased these and shot them brand new out of the box and they were both incredibly nice, accurate, ergonomically wonderful and knew that we were sending them to you for your "Level 1 Deluxe" and just wanted to shoot them prior to sending them to you like you recommend. We know that the Sig Sauer is an incredible gun and now we really know with the TJ touch, what the definition of "DELUXE" means! The guns were very good prior to you working on them however now they are beyond what we all think is "good" and the best of anything we have ever had. When someone says to us "who did the work on your gun" (just like my Colt Gold Cup and Detonics Combat Master), without any hesitation we proudly say "TJ".
What a pleasure doing business with you, all the way from start to finish it is such a breath of fresh air to deal with someone like you and have the confidence that you will do what you say. I always know when you do something it will be done better than our expectations and this is another example of your craftsmanship and that there are a few good people in this world. So many times we all have to deal with someone and wonder if they are going to do what they say and that our money will be well spent, and you have proved it to us again that you will do what you say. You are what I call a 1%er! There is probably no more than one or two people that I have run into in my life that I can trust with my life and you are one of them. Your are steadfast, determined and adamant and back it up with your work and that is what a true craftsmen is. A "craftsman" is defined as an "artist or artisan" and "a man of skill" and you definitely live up to that and then some with your incredible work. We have now gone back out shooting and were amazed that the looks are backed up with action and now complete knowledge that we have Sig's from the "SigMaster".
You truly do what you say and are "THE BEST", without a doubt!!!

Las Vegas, NV

Subj: Thank You!
Date: 2/27/2006
To: TJsCustom@AOL.COM

Just a short note of thanks an incredible job on my Kimber 1911 Custom Shop.
Although the gun was very smooth right out of the box, the difference was like night and day after you worked your magic. This 1911 was hand-delivered to your shop by my good friend and mentor, Alan, from the Target Range out in the valley. Alan has basically taught me the majority of what I know about guns and has given me numerous tips on improving my accuracy and style. So, when he recommended that you work over my 1911, I never questioned his judgment. The slide action is like satin with no metal to metal feel whatsoever and since I've switched to your recommended lubricants, the feel is even better. The trigger action, although a bit lighter than what I'm used to (I believe it was set it to approximately 2-1/2 pounds) is a pleasure now that I've gotten used to it. Additionally, the Day-Glow applied to the front blade has made it possible for me to use iron sights again instead of a scope or your favorite "Trij" optical sight. Unfortunately, I'm quite farsighted so most of my guns employ either optical (red dot) sights or scopes. I just can't focus on the iron sights and target simultaneously.

I have another Kimber Super Match II which will be coming your way in the next month or two for the same work as my previous Kimber. My apologizes if this email sounds like I'm "kissing A" but there are so few gunsmiths who really take the time to do the job right and put out a firearm who's quality and accuracy far exceeds its out-of-the-box condition. I wanted you to know that I appreciate your talent and will continue to avail myself of your services whenever possible. I understand that your specialty is with Sigs so you can probably guess what brand my next purchase will be. This gun would be strictly for accuracy in punching holes in paper. I understand that you recommend the older models compared to today's newer versions, so I would probably purchase a used Sig that's still in decent shape. Any recommendations at 40 caliber or below? Trust me, it will be coming your way once I make the purchase. Thanks again for the outstanding craftsmanship,


Stephen Adney

Subj: TJ_Knife Date: 10/4/2006
From: (irvin coughlin)

tj, i just got my gun from ups, what fantastic work!
you are one of the few guys i know in any line of work who actually exceeds their reputation.
this weapon is almost too pretty to shoot but i am not going to let that stop me!!!!
the Teflon coating is superb, i like it much better than the stock finish,
just so you know, the moron from ups just rang my doorbell and left my gun at the front door. it had a big orange sticker on the box that said driver: high value insured item, adult signature required. its getting to be comical these days, it seems no one wants to do his job anymore,
that is why someone like you stands out from the crowd!
needless to say, i am very pleased with your work and i will be sending you my sig 229s as soon as i can put the cash together. thanks for everything your a real "pro" and thats not something i say very much these days.

irvin coughlin

Subj: customer comments
Date: 3/28/2007

I have just received my Sig 239 in the mail, man was that fast, one week there & back, including shipping time. Let me first say that upon opening the box i was very impressed with the finish of the pistol, but i am more concerned with function than looks, so i was very eager to take it to the range and put it to the test, i ran 200 rounds thru it without a glitch or a hiccup, the trigger was superb. Dbl action was silky smooth, and single action was as good if not better than my friends Kimber with a trigger job ( hes a little envious now) even the guys at the range were impressed with how it shot and felt.
Upon getting it home and stripping it down to clean is when i really noticed all the work that went into my pistol, you truly did a magnifacent job on it thank you again you have a customer for life and maybe a few of my friends too. Talk to you again soon about some more work on a Springfield or maybe a Desert Eagle.
Keep up the great work.

John E. Cruz

Subj:Sig P-220 work order info.update
Date: 4/14/2007

After many years of admiring the numerous pictures and reading all the feed back from so many happy and satisfied customers, It took being diagnosed with stage four Lymphoma Cancer for me to get off my duff and send you a gun.
Let me tell you I am sure glad I did !
I just unwrapped my Sig model P-220 I just sent you, seems like only a couple days ago.
Talk about exceeding ones expectations!
It’s a totally different firearm now, no compromising here! Your work is outstanding.
All that I’ve heard and read is accurate and correct.
Its obvious you take pride in virtually everything you do.
This is craftsmanship that once seen and felt you absolutely know is worthy of every penny.
Sig firearms as we all know, are already great guns, however I had no Idea they could be taken to such a higher level of perfection. I actually now see this for myself and I am a true believer.
I just want you to know how proud I am to have one of your guns.
I fully understand why they refer to you as “The Master”.
Thanks from the heart for the fast turn around for me.

Most Sincerely,
Jerry M.
Houston, Tx.

Subj: Customer Comments Page
Date: 4/19/2007
From: MWyatTwerp
To: TJs Custom

After several referrals to TJ for gunsmithing, I sent him my first "snubbie," then another, then another, then another.
I prefer his PD action for my revolvers with a rounded and radiused trigger. After having TJ work on 5 of my revolvers, I then sent him a Browning Hi-Power.
As he set the bar pretty high with my revolvers, I had high expectations for the sloppy trigger and magazine release. I was not disappointed. My latest project is a Beretta 92FS. The factory trigger pull was a bit excessive, but TJ soon fixed that. Yes, I have sent my 1911s to another "big name" gunshop but just got lost in the shuffle. TJ's turnaround time is by far the best. And at the other shop, the big name was not even working on my gun himself. Too bad my department does not allow "custom" guns for duty use. I can recommend TJ with confidence as I have seen his work first hand.


Subj: P220
Date: 5/2/2007
From: (GT)

TJ, I wanted to send this to you and say I appreciate the great job you did on my 220.
I didn't get a chance to shoot it right away. so I did the next best thing and took it apart,
I could see the skill and craftsmanship I had been reading about in your customer comments.
I had high hopes for this pistol and was a bit of a sceptic until we had sent a few emails.
I agree with several of your opinions about guns and ammo. thats the reason I sent you my favorite pistol to work on.
The melt job and Teflon finish is first class, I never thought a trigger could be this smooth in dbl action and crisp in single with out causing a "hair" trigger.
I am a perfectionist, apparently you are as well. that said I have to agree with all the others who have sent comments saying "you exceeded my expectations" my pistol now exceeds what I had ever thought it was capable of.
In the last three days I have put 2000 rounds thru my pistol and not a single problem.
Your craftsmanship and pride in ! doing a good job are evident in the work you did on my pistol. It is appreciated.


Subj: RE: TJsCustomGunworks
Date: 6/8/2007

TJ, I just received my Sig P229 that you just finished.
After shooting 300 rounds through it I can tell you that it shoots FANTASTIC!
I am so pleased with your workmanship that I am sending you my recently purchased Sig P239 for daily concealed carry. Seven years ago you customized my Sig P225 that still shoots like a dream.
I really appreciate your great craftsmanship!

The fascinating part about dealing with you is that although your website could be considered by some to be "customer unfriendly" or at least "somewhat independent",
in reality you are a personally terrific to work with, willing to share information, give suggestions, and help in any area possible. I enjoy working with you and look forward to your taking care of my gunsmithing needs.

Johnny Jacobson

Subj: TJsCustomGunworks Comments
Date: 7/10/2007
From: Alebrewer
To: TJs Custom

TJ, I just received my Sig 239 in the mail. You really did a great job, thanks.
I splurged a little and had you do some extra work, bob the hammer spur, melt job, as well as the level 2 and the black teflon finish.
I must say after seeing the finished product and firing the pistol it was well worth the price.
What really surprised me was the completion time. Your web page said it would take 8-10 weeks, so when I received your e mail that my pistol was done, I was shocked.
It sure looks and shoots like you took 8-10 weeks.
I will be recommending your work to all my friends and you can expect some more work from me in the near future.
I will be sending my 226 and my 220 as soon as I can.
Thanks again for the prompt and exceptional work.

Mark Demaree

Subj: Sig P220
Date: 7/18/2007

TJ, Thanks for doing a professional job on my Sig P220. The craftmanship is truly old world; superb!
I got what I paid for!!
I fired a couple of hundred rounds this morning and it has a great feel and enables me to shoot more accurately.
All the guys at the gunshop on both sides of the counter appreciated it as well.
The most remarkable thing, unheard of in the gun world, is the gun was finished early!!

Thanks again,
Michael Z

Subj: TJsCustomGunworks Comments
Date: 9/28/2007
From: Mark

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the additional work you did on my SIG P220 ST.
I love that gun, but for some reason, the slide stopped locking back on the last round (not a finger or a magazine issue) and my groups got nearly 1.5 inches larger at 15 yds., so I sent it to SIG for their suggested fix. Well, whatever they fixed, they also fixed my trigger pull that you had previously adjusted to approximately 3.5 lbs, and the whole kit and caboodle was now returned to factory spec - around a 6 lb. trigger pull. OMG! My groups were at least an inch larger at he 15 yd range and I had floaters! To say I was disappointed with the return of my sidearm to SIG specs performed by SIG would have been an understatement.

Which is why I leaned in hard on you to fix my shooting problem. I sent an email to you as a previous customer and basically said "Sorry TJ, I'm not sure what happened after 4,000 rounds through a P220 ST even though this is what I think may have occurred, but please fix it."

And let me tell who\ever reads this remark that there are a lot of gunsmiths in Pennsylvania within a 15 minute drive, but honestly? I had a lot of trouble with getting references from these "experts". And to think for a nano-second that I knew more about the SIG than they did and how to disassemble and clean it, well, it must have been frightening to my SIG.

I could tell you that TJ just waved his magic wand or sprinkled his pixie dust over the piece and it came out just fine. And I'd expect for some of you to tell me I'm full of sh!t. What he actually did was return the P220 ST to TJ "spec". And today I drilled 3" groups at 15 yds. offhand because that's the way my SIG was designed to shoot.

Well, TJ, of course had something to do with this. But he really did more.
He re-polished the feed ramp (no charge) and put in 4 stainless hex screws on the handgrips (no charge). Also test-fired it and cleaned the SIG just as anyone who shoots for a lifetime always does, especially if you want to pick it up the next morning and run it through at a range. There is no doubt in my mind that he worked on it the moment he receive it and sent it back straight away when he was finished.

I really respect any individual who doesn't have a lot of time to waste.
But you know what? I also know so many people out there who talk a good story but never follow through, who assert that they are fanatical customer service providers, but never deliver.
From my experiences with TJ, this is a gifted individual with not only superb gun-smithing skills, but also splendid customer service skills. In my opinion, there are many out there who never come close to his customer service standards.

Well, the SIG P220 ST really did come out fine. Really glad to have it home.

God bless you TJ
Kindest regards,
Valley Forge, PA

Date: 10/13/2007
From: (TJ Webb)

Finally got to the range last night with the P226 Stainless and P226- X5 that you recently worked on.
The X5 is NOW as good as advertised by SIG! Thank you!!
I would have considered selling it before I sent it to you.
It is now dead-on at 25 yards and a pleasure to shoot!
The reduced trigger pull is great!
The P226 stainless is now also very well mannered. Too bad that SIG does not sell them like this!!
I am quite pleased. Please feel free to use me as a reference.
You may also get my P226 357 to be refined.

Tom Webb

Date: 10/17/2007
From: (Denham Crafton)

In polite British society, it’s called Bespoke; it means custom-made.
Although TJ isn’t British, his work is impeccably Bespoke.
After I served in the Arizona Rangers for 5 years, I decided to gift myself a special gun.
With TJ laughing over my shoulder about a Pimp Gun, we designed what I called my Arizona Gun.
It started out as a SIGSauer 245, and changed radically.
It got melted, the slide got triple-chromed, the frame got turquoise and silver zebra stripe, the barrel was beautifully jeweled and the grips got the Arizona night sky: a thousand stars on a black field.
Unfortunately, the camera can’t convey the stunning silver-like finish of the chromed-out slide- you’ll have to see it for yourself.
Photo of Denny's Sig P245 Arizona Ranger
I left the Rangers, but the gun had already established its own reputation.
It’s now in a private collection- a well-known Hollywood couple have admired it.
My Arizona Ranger badge is there next to the Arizona Gun.

The world has a lot of gunsmiths, but only a few artists.
Thanks, TJ, for turning a dream into a masterpiece!

Denham B. Crafton, II D.M.D.
NRA Endowment Member
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Firearms Safety Instructor (CCW permit instructor)
Arizona Rangers (1999-2006)
NRA-certified Range Safety Officer
NRA-certified Basic Pistol Instructor
NRA-certified Personal Protection Instructor
Arizona Rangers Firearms Instructor (1999-2006)
Scottsdale Gun Club Range Safety Officer
2006 National Republican Congressional Committee's Business Advisory Council
Republican of the Year from Arizona
American Motorcyclist Association
Rolls-Royce Owners' Association

Subj: My Impressions
Date: 1/3/2008
Re TJ's Custom Gunworks

As I approached 60 years of age, I decided to treat myself to a truly custom weapon.
I own plenty of the in vogue small and large framed guns but nothing in a mid size. I went to my local gun shop and narrowed my search to a Sig 239. I have small hands and the Sig's single stack frame seemed just the ticket. I bought the gun and was off to the seemingly daunting task of finding a master gunsmith who would pay individual attention to my project.

The search for this master gunsmith started locally. Unfortunately I found that though some their work was excellent and their prices where on par, the earliest I would see their results would be this coming spring. This would not do. It was the first week of December- my 60th was the in the middle of December and if I could not have it in my hand by late January or early February I would be besides myself with anticipation. I needed to expand my search.

I have long been an advocate of concealed carry and subscribe to just about every magazine available. All the big names are there and if you have gotten this far, you probably know them as well. What caught my eye was a small advertisement in Handguns- an add of what looked to be a Sig 229-not my gun but close and well done. I decided to take a look at TJ's work on his web sight. I was impressed with the pictures of his finished work and testimonials but what I was most impressed with was his no nonsense attitude towards his work. It is refreshing to find someone that lays down the line as to what it will cost you to waste his time. I look back at my career and wonder how much more I could have accomplished if I had taken this tack earlier in life. I decided to test his response time, after all, I wanted master gunsmith who would pay individual attention to my project. I e-mailed him late on a Sunday night. To my surprise he e-mailed me back within an hour. I now believe he sleeps with his computer or he doesn't sleep at all.

Reliability is always paramount. I ordered a Sig Saur:Level One Deluxe. Now as to what I wanted it to will look like; I wanted a clean look-not to busy. I wanted good grips from good wood. I e-mailed TJ and asked if he had any grips hanging around ( there as none shown on his web). He e-mailed back with a good selection and I picked a pair with checkering. I ordered the barrel jeweled, a bobbed hammer, Day-Glo sights were a must (I also had them put on my Khar and Glock), and stainless screws for the grips to add accent. I was done. I sent the gun out on December 15th.

My Sig was returned December 26th!!! Eleven days! What I got back was far more than I expected.
Every internal surface had been de-burred and polished.
It cycles like a dream. The trigger job is exceptional - smooth as silk. Externally, the gun is a thing of beauty. TJ added small touches ( trigger pin polished, firing pin cross pin polished, trigger jeweled and firing pin polished. I paid a small amount for having the hammer platted due to it pourish nature. My only disappointment is that the picture he took of my Sig does not due it justice!

I could not praise his work enough. I now own a piece of art that can really shoot.

Ross, Rochester, New York

Subj: Re: 340PD
Date: 1/11/2008

Dear TJ,
I just got my 340PD back….Awesome is all I can say!!!!
I am thoroughly impressed with your work, and the turn around time, outstanding!!
I can't thank you enough; your craftsmanship is top notch and dedication to your art is impressive. I will continue sending you my guns without hesitation and now I have a second TJ customized gun that my friends will no doubt droll over. One of my good friends was so impressed with the work you did on my Sig229 that he is saving his money to have work done on his 220. Thanks again, you're the best!! I can't wait to get to the range.


from John Ziminskas (
to TJ's Custom Gunworks (
date Feb 16, 2008 8:06 PM
subject Re: Work Order Request / John Ziminskas

Hi TJ,
Sorry it took me so long to email you, thanking you for the great work on my P229... I was kind of over excitedly playing with my new toy in which I received from your workbench. I have spent a good 6 hours at the range putting about 500 rounds through it. I might have destroyed my finger, but I think it was worth it, it is just such a different gun now. God knows it couldn't be the same gun that I sent you. The trigger is immaculate and the semi-bobbed hammer is exquisitely shortened. The action is so good I don't really think that words can describe it. At 25 yards I can now place a double tap within an inch of each other and am either hitting the same hole in the bulls eye or hit one good shot and then don't ever hit the sheet again (I'm pretty sure that it is the first bit). I have shown it off to several of my buddies at work now and need to take them to the range now and show them what a real mans gun really shoots like. You can count on me as your advertising here in Texas, anyone that talks to me about guns now knows who you are. I know that there are tons of different gunsmiths out there, but I really doubt it that there are any that spend the time and show the true quality that you do. Not only does this masterpiece shoot well it also looks great, you really don't miss anything when it comes to quality and I thank you for it. The little extra things that you do just make it that much more, like for one your web-site said it would take 2-4 weeks, which I was cool with that, but it was back on my doorstep in half that time. Oh and by the way if you have a chance I already ran out of your cards...

John E. Ziminskas
Georgetown, TX

Subj: TJsCustomGunworks Comments
Date: 4/7/2008
From: togara
To: TJsCustom@AOL.COM
Re; Sig P220 Carry

Thanks for the great work and outstanding turn-around time on my Sig P220 Carry.
The Level One Deluxe package, with full jeweling and polishing of the barrel, is awesome.
The staff at my range were scrambling for your business cards after they got a look at it.
It feels great, the trigger, both SA and DA, is so much improved it's not funny.
Better feel equates to better shooting, and my range sessions with this P220 proved it beyond my expectations.
I learned a long time ago that most often you get what you pay for, and your work certainly confirmed that.
I will certainly be sending you the next SIG I buy,
and once again thank you for both your excellent work and your courteous communications during the process.

New Jersey

From: Mehow
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks -
Date: Mon, May 5, 2008

Here is my testimonial:

I just got back from the range with the p232 and I had the best day of shooting ever. I was using those “shoot n’ see” fluorescent targets and after not missing once on 3 magazines at 5 then 7 yards … I just slid the target all the way out to 15 … and I never missed there either. This is really surprising for me as a) haven’t been at the range to practice for two months b) my hands shake all the time c) I never ever even bother shooting at 15 yards with a handgun because I suck at that range due to my shake. Yet, my shooting with the new sig was 200% better than anything I have ever done with the pre-TJ p232 or any other gun, period. The new TJ p232 went through 200 rounds of both hollow points and practice ammo without a single jam – the stock version would jam every 100 or so rounds. And the range store staff kept passing the gun around and oogling at the fact that they could see their reflection in the barrel’s feed ramp. Double taps and headshots and single hand and off hand shooting were all radically better than anything I have done before. This gun got my confidence to intergalactic levels as I could consistently hit the bull’s-eye over and over and over again. I was that target filled with all sorts of closely grouped fluorescence that I always see a few lanes over and wonder how THAT guy does it. This time I was THAT guy. This gun has changed the way I shoot radically (I own 4 other pistols) and I will trust my life to this. Thanks TJ!!! Two more of my Sigs coming at you as soon as those pesky extended barrels actually get here so you can do your magic and carry comp those guns. Mad Respect. You turn Sigs from just awesome to inter-galacticaly perfect.

-m, 35, TV producer, Hollywood, Ca

Subj: Reference for your website
Date: 1/7/2009
From: (Tom Richwine)

Thanks for all the work you recently performed on my SIG 220 Carry.
It arrived yesterday (less than a week after you received the gun) and I went straight to the range last evening and had a wonderful time.

I always begin and end my shooting sessions with the following drill:
Slow fire from the holster 5 @ 5 yards – 5 @ 10 – 5 @ 15 – 5 @ 20 and 5 @ 25 yards shooting at a B-27 target – 8" center of mass as my aiming point.

Last evening I just walked in and began shooting. WOW! What a treat.
Everything was very smooth, the trigger was light and very crisp – both DA and SA.
I'd estimate the work you did dropped 5 to 7 yards off my shooting.
By that I mean, I was able to shoot at 10 yards what previously I could at 5. I shot at 20 and 25 yards what I previously could do at 15!

I was easily keeping 3" groups from 7 yds with fairly rapid shooting.
When I did my part, the pistol more than did its part.
The gun surely shoots a whole lot better than I do.
BTW, at the end of the evening I repeated the above drill this time shooting at the B-27 head.
23 rounds were inside the box with only 2 slightly out (my fault - poor trigger control) That's *way* beyond my normal ability.

The Day-Glo front sight is great!
Lighting at the range made it a bit hard to see the orange front sight at 5 yards but when I moved back it just jumps out and makes focusing on the front sight easy and that's always a good thing.
The ½ bend on the slide catch did the trick and I can now easily work it with my left index finger.
Well done. I am delighted.
I just boxed-up my SIG 220 SAS (my daily carry gun) and am thinking through just what I want you to do to it as well.
I hope to have it out to you this weekend.
What a blessing to think of having two SIG 220's that shoot this well!.

I couldn't be more satisfied.
A delighted "left handed" customer says, "Thanks again",

Tom Richwine
Carlisle, PA

PS - If you're reading this and want to contact me to ask me about TJ's work, just email me.
I'd be delighted to tell you more of my experience.

David Jaynes Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 4:08 PM
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks

I just got back from the range with my new P229 with the Level II job, and I have to thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of functional art!!
Combining the elegant aesthetics of the Teflon finish and polished parts with the improved functional internals just confirms my decision to send it to you.
The trigger work was exceptional, breaking cleanly with just enough pull in SA.
Your custom trigger proved to be ergonomically superior in the feel and alignment of the index finger.
The orange dayglo front sight enhanced my ability to reacquire the target quickly with double and triple taps.

After putting 100 rounds with this gem I decided to compare it with a range rental of the same model and WOW it was like night and day!!!!
My groupings were consistently tighter at all distances as well as more accurate.

Thanks again for working your magic TJ!

Newport Beach CA
PS: Thank you TJ!!!   Your work is your best marketing, trust me.

from Lee Howard
to TJ's Custom Gunworks -
date Apr 24, 2009 8:18 PM
subject Beretta

Thought you’d appreciate hearing that I took the Beretta to the range today and went through a couple boxes of ammo.
It fires much better than any new gun I have ever shot.
The trigger action was fantastic. It is smooth as ice and the grip felt great in my hand.
I love the sights, too. I’m farsighted so when I wear safety glasses, sights on most guns are always a little fuzzy.
Not with the Beretta! I had no problem at all seeing the target AND the sights clear as day.

Great job.
Lee R. Howard

Nate Lopez
date May 3, 2009 5:34 PM
subject Gun_Question

I have just returned from a 5 day defensive hand gun course at Front Sight Las Vegas; it is as the instructor’s indicate a torture test on firearms. After cycling 800 rounds through my recent Level One Deluxe package with short trigger; I am happy to report the guns appearance, performance, feel were torture proof. One of the other attendees is familiar with your work but had never fire one of your custom jobs…..after he cycled four magazines you can expect to see his SIG in the near future.

Much Mahalo for a job well done, the trigger jobs is remarkable…..I will be sending my future work to you as well.
Continued success to you and it’s a great experience working with a true professional.

Best Regards,
Nate Lopez
Honolulu Hawaii

Robert Thrasher
date May 7, 2009 5:21 PM
subject TJsCustomGunworks Comments Page

Hi TJ:
I took the Kahr out today for test drive. The gun looks incredible but the real magic is on the inside.
It is 10 times smoother than any Kahr I have ever shot. The trigger is perfect..very smooth.
I ran PMC FMJ, Winchester White Box FMJ, Federal Hydra Shok JHP, PMC Starfire JHP, Winchester SXT JHP. Not one single misfire in the lot.
The gun is also very accurate. I really feel I got my moneys worth which these days is not all that common.
Thanks again for the awsome job!

Best regards,

David Bae to TJ's Custom Gunworks
date Jun 4, 2009 1:12 PM
subject Customer Comment Page

I had recently purchased a brand new Sig Sauer P220 Stainless .45 and while shooting at the range, I noticed the stock sights were inaccurate. I decided that I wanted to get some new sights and a shorter trigger. I was referred to TJ by a friend and I decided to go all out by getting the Level One Deluxe Package, Sig Comp with Barsto barrel, added Meprolight adjustable sights with dayglo green, satin polished the barrel, and added the stainless steel grip screws.

My P220 is now a completely transformed into a competition shooting machine! I recieved the package from TJ on time as promised and took her to the range last night. Before the mods, I was shooting 5" groupings @ 10 yards. After TJ performed his magic, I shot 3" grouping @ 10 yards! At last the Sig Sauer is shooting how she was originally intended to be.

While at the range, a friend and I decided to have a friendly competition.
Needless to say TJ's Custom Gunworks came through for the win!

Thanks TJ! I can't wait to send in my P226!

David B.

date Jun 14, 2009 3:01 PM
subject Shooting

This afternoon I took the Browning high power out for a test drive.
What a freaking gas that thing is to shoot!
The action is smooth and seamless and a true pleasure to make it go bang!
It’s pretty to look at and even prettier to shoot!

Very, very nice job, Mr. TJ!!!!


Nathan B
to TJ's Custom Gunworks -
date Jun 16, 2009 8:07 AM
subject RE: Para 3x3 Comp

TJ built me the para P14 of my dreams.
When you look at the compensator you couldn't help but think I was dreaming when I came up the idea.
I sent TJ a picture of the compensator that I drew up in paint.
I sent him the gun and shortly thereafter he sent me the blueprints to the compensator to confirm the design.
Full profile and 3.1 inches long, it was a beast.
That compensator took up a lot of TJ's hours, but perfection was still achieved in a very reasonable amount of time.
I had all other kinds of work done including an throat and polish barrel, cut and polish extractor, (too many to list). T
he point is, when chambering a round, the action is smooth as glass.
Finally, the hardchrome finish is amazing; absolutley flawless.
TJ was very patient and easy going, but straight to the point of the task at hand.
Qualities I thorougly appreciate. I couldn't ask for anything more.

-Nathan B.

P.S. Thanks again.. I'm looking forward to next time.

From: Tue, May 3, 2011
To: TJ Gunworks

What to say about a man who exemplifies the true artistic genius of gunsmithing?... Well, I can tell you that I've had two Sigs worked on by him and the end product was perfection!
I've been shooting for decades ( for work and pleasure. I'm also a member of the IDPA) and I've shot many a gun. What this man does to a firearm is pure magic. I recently purchased a brand new P220 Stainless Elite and had some internal issues missed by Sig Sauer's quality control that caused my pistol to stop firing! I had only put 150 rounds through it and the trigger suddenly would not reset! Suffice to say it was a few parts inside that had been left rough and finally began to catch on those rough spots. I, and TJ, were appalled that Sig would send out a pistol in such piss poor condition. I could have died in a shootout!
This man took a pistol I could not shoot or carry in confidence and made it better than ever!
He found the problem, fixed it, did a level one deluxe action job, added a custom stainless steel guide rod, satin polished the barrel, added a DayGlo highlight to the front sight and even did some extra work on the trigger bar which was contacting the magazine. (more poor quality control from Sig).
Lets just say this pistol is top notch now! The double and single action are smooth and crisp! This gun shoots like a custom 1911! I couldn't ask for better! I am truly thankful this man is on this earth doing what he does. His work ethic is impeccable! He answered every one of my questions with patients and good natured humor. He treated me like a good friend. I kept thinking... "how lucky am I to know such a great person. A true gentleman.
I said this to him before and I'll say it again:
"TJ, you really are the best gunsmith in the world. You take a weapon and bring out the truest, most beautifully functioning work of art it could ever be. You conjure images in my mind of Michelangelo sculpting. He did not create a stone sculpture. He saw the most beautiful form waiting inside and freed it from the stone. I am honored to know an artist of your calibre."

If you're looking for the best, look no further.

Legend Ackley

Date: 5/4/2011

*To Whom It May Concern:*

TJ is an extraordinary Gunsmith! I have seen many examples of talented work, but nothing even comes close to the amazing attention to detail and extreme craftsmanship of TJ’s Custom Gun Works. After recently having gun work conducted by him I now would never send my personal firearm or anyone who I care abouts firearms to anyone else but the best of the best. After being in close contact with TJ he made the whole process very easy and kept me very well informed of the process. After first sending my firearm to a company who regards themselves of having high standards (Sig Sauer) I was highly disappointed with the quality of work that they call “custom gun works” It looks like a two year old disassembled my gun, and the work looked like they could care less of the quality of work that they turned over to customers. After paying so much to have work done and finally getting my gun back almost three weeks later the gun was extremely dirty and looked like nothing was done on the internals of the gun, Which was the reason I sent them my gun. After being so highly disappointed I called Sig Sauer and spoke to a “manager” and all they could say was that my concern was “noted”. Well truly just noted was not good enough, I shortly after got back in contact with TJ and he reassured me that his skills and ability to perform and to deliver a higher quality product would surpass my expectations, speaking to him and after he fully explained to me what he was going to do, I felt confident that he would deliver. During the time my gun was in his hands he was always in constant contact with me letting me know the progress or allowing me to make changes. After TJ completing my gun in record time, (one week) he submitted pictures for my approval. I truly could tell that his passion for others truly shows in his work and his dedication to always providing outstanding customer service and produce the utmost in quality craftsmanship. He would not settle unless I was truly happy and satisfied. After he went out of his way to ensure the delivery of my gun would reach me in time. As with all of his works, he meticulously spends long days and extensive hours on each gun he touches, he still ensures he delivers all guns he works on usually by the next day by Fedex. He is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. After receiving my gun I have never been so blown away by the extensive amount of attention to detail. After removing the grips I was amazed at the internals of the gun and what he corrected and highly improved something Sig Sauer could not even come close to meeting. I was truly shocked by every bit of detail that TJ had to spend more time, energy and gave an extensive amount of attention to detail, more than what one year of Sig Sauer’s custom shop could ever perform. To truly understand the ability of his work, have faith and send him your firearm and allow his expertise to amaze you. To conclude, I would like to restate my strong recommendation for TJ’s Custom Gun Work. If you have any further questions regarding TJ’s ability or this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me using the information on this letterhead.

Lieutenant Commander Amin,

Thu, Jul 14, 2011

Hello TJ: Picked the gun up Thursday afternoon. Holy crap TJ, this thing is just GORGEOUS.
The hue of the nickel plating along with the three levels of finish really give it a classy and distinguished look, without looking pimpy or gaudy.
At first I wasnt sure if I wanted a full plating job, boy am I glad I had you do it.
The level of workmanship? Off the charts outstanding. I cant wait to take it to the range.
If I can shoot it half as good as you say it shoots and looks, I might just pee my pants.
Thanks again for an outstanding job.

S. Schowalter

Sep 22, 2011
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks
Sub: Thank you it is more then I had hoped for.

My gun arrived today and I am very happy with it. It frankly is more then I had hoped for.
The beauty of it is the action work which cannot be seen and only felt being so smooth. I now don't know why S&W sells such a bad action job out of the box.
The visual balance of the trigger and spur being polished and jeweled puts this M329 NG as a piece of art but one that I plan to carry. The sights just pop for my eyes and since that is what you did for my 640 I am very accustomed to the sight picture of orange and green dayglo outline. I can pick it up very quickly.
May I use your photo attached, and post it on a knife forum to show others which is Usual Suspect Network?

Thank you,
Gary - DPD

From: Keith Hunziker
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks
Oct 11, 2011 at 7:05 PM
Subject: Testimonial

I hope this works for you. Normally I do not give testimonials but in your case I am more than happy to do so.
You have been a pleasure to deal with.

To whom it concerns:
I am a very discriminating firearms owner who at one time or other has owned handguns from virtually all of the “who’s who” of the custom firearms industry.
I know what constitutes quality of the highest order and I have found that in TJ’s work.
He has performed his master’s touch on four handguns for me: two revolvers and two Sigs.
His work is not inexpensive, but quality rarely is.
In TJ you will find an old world craftsman whose work and expertise is unmatched and whose word you can take to the bank.
He has my highest recommendation.

Dr. Keith Hunziker

Subj: Sig 220
Date: 10/20/2011
From: Saunders Crain
To: (TJ's Custom)

I sent you my Sig 220 recently to have you perform a Level 1 Deluxe service on it. The pistol started life as my issued duty weapon until my department decided to issue us Glocks.
When my department switched to the Glock we had the opportunity to purchase our issued weapons at a "fair" price.
Needless to say I purchased my 220 and continued to carry it on and off duty. I have been happy with the pistol and have been carrying a 220 for well over fifteen years.
Just recently I began hearing about your services and did a little research. I discovered from several individuals, who's opinions I trust, that you are the best when it comes to Sig Pistols.
I sent you my 220. As soon as you received it you sent me an email notifying me that you had received it unmolested. I truly appreciated this.
You completed the work in less than 48 hours and emailed me a tracking number for the return shipment. On Monday morning, I walked into work and there was a package waiting for me on my desk. I opened the package and found my 220 inside.
I took the pistol apart and inspected the work and was immediately impressed by the look and feel of the trigger. I reassembled the pistol and tried the trigger on double action and single action. The difference was night and day.
I thought the trigger felt good before you performed the work but I was sadly mistaken. I took the pistol out the next day and fired 150 rounds through it.
The pistol ran perfectly and the trigger pull was better than I ever thought it could be.
Needless to say I will be sending you my other 220 shortly.

Thanks again,

To: TJ's Custom Gunworks -
Subj: Comments for web page
Date: 10/27/11
From: (Mark Pincus)

I gave my constantly (almost every round) jamming 40 year old Walther PPK/S to TJ.
"Juliet" as my Walther is affectionately called saved me more than once, thus we have an emotional attachment and I wasn't about to hand her over to "just anybody".

After a week of working his magic I got her back, in perfect condition and ran to the range.
One hundred jam free, not-one-misfire, standard range-reloads landing in the 10 ring proved I am an extremely happy camper and I'm 100% confident Juliet is back to 'new' and ready next time she's needed.

I'll answer any e-mails about the work TJ did for me, but if you are at all hesitant to have him work on your gun, don't be.

Mark P.

Tom Richwine -
Nov 7, 2011 at 12:19 PM
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks -
DVD testimonial - use as you see fit

Want to thoroughly clean your SIG or replace a broken sear spring or extractor but aren't sure you know how it should be disassembled much less reassembled?
The SIG Master's DVD tutorial is just what you need.
In very simple, easy to follow steps TJ talks and walks you through complete disassembly and reassemble for all the major types of Sig Sauer pistols.
The quality of this DVD is the same as the quality of TJ’s gunsmithing – no more needs to be said.
I've played and re-played this DVD many times and, to be honest, without it I would have been forced to send TJ a box full of parts just to have him reassemble my gun.
With all the money I’ve spent on Sigs over the years, I finally am confident that I can keep my guns in tip-top shape.
I wouldn’t work on my guns without it.
Thanks TJ. Well done!


Dec 18, 2011
From: Giladpeled1
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks
Sub: here's my gun story

I got a used kimber custom TLE II
its a gun that i got for killer deal but the last owner didnt really take care of it
so after i got it i droped it at TJ's knowing I'm getting the best of the best since I'm a security contractor i can't have anything as my side arm that is less then %100 here what tj did to the gun:

Action job
Re-work trigger
Fit & polish extractor
Polish breech
Jewell barrel
Satin polish barrel round
Satin polish guide rod round

as i expected the gun came out perfect!!
thank you tj can't wait for out next project


N. Sloan
Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 12:21 PM
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks

I want to thank you for the work you performed on my Sig P239. After receiving my gun back from you after only a day at your shop, my gun is functioning better than it was from the factory. The craftsmanship that went into repairing my gun is phenomenal. One would be challenged to find the parts you worked on. The gun feels great and looks great. Thank you for being a trusted source for repairing my investment. I will certainly recommend your work to everyone I know that needs it.

N Sloan

Date: 5/21/2012 6:44:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time


  It would be my privelege to comment on the work you performed on my P229.  In a few words "superb" and "wow".  I couldn't be more pleased.  You took a gun that shot all over the target and turned it into a tack driving work of art and a true pleasure to shoot.  Not only was your work incredible, the gun was back in my hands in a week.  It has made me a true believer that it's possible to take a good gun manufactured for the general public and miraculously turn it into an amazing finely tuned weapon.  Thank you and we will do more business in the future.

  J.Ross MD
Palestine, Texas

Robert T.
Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 5:53 PM

Hey TJ:

The Smith is absolutely awesome….seriously, a different gun. It is so much smoother..…super tight. The day-glo looks good and I will get it to the range in the next day or two. Thanks for the awesome job, the superfast turnaround and all the advice. A great experience as usual. I already gave one of your knifes away this afternoon to a neighbor who has been really sick and it really cheered him up.


Sub: P245
Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 6:00 PM
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks

Hi TJ:

I received the gun yesterday as planned and took it to the range earlier today. Since this is the third custom job you have done for me my expectations were quite high. It has exceeded EVERY expectation. Fit and finish…perfect. Performance absolutely flawless through 300 rounds of all kinds of ammo. The action is so smooth and trigger is unbelievable. Thank you for the perfect job along with a super timely delivery. Your recommendations and answers to all my questions was especially appreciated.


Fri, May 3, 2013 at 8:28 AM
To: "pistolmaster"
TJsCustomGunworks Comments Page

Dear TJ:

Well you have turned out another masterpiece and I wanted to take a moment to thank you. We had a brand new TRP that simply would not function. It could not go three rounds without a jam of some sort…...totally unreliable. I would have scrapped the gun altogether but it was very accurate. The action felt like # 80 sandpaper rubbing together. Since you have worked on several of my pistols I knew what to do. I went for the reliability package and a complete action job. I know you took this gun down to the last part because when I got it back I couldn’t believe it was the same gun. The frame was the same but the gun is beyond perfect and I don’t say that lightly. The action is SUPER smooth and the trigger is perfect. While I prefer Federal 230 gr ammo I put just about everything through this gun I could find including semi wad cutters. After several hundred rounds not a single failure of any kind. You saved the day here and turned a piece of junk into a really nice gun…and of course I will be back. I know you spent hours on this challenging job and I really appreciate it. Last but not least I was amazed at the turnaround time. (you had the gun fixed and returned before Springfield even answered my email) Please post my comments if you want so other people will know if they want an incredible professional job at a fair price, they should send their gun to you.

Best regards,

mrnelson1911 at
Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 12:13 PM
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks

Man, what a shooter. I cycled 50 rounds of Federal 230 ball and 20 rounds of reloads with 200 gr lead swc that I have been using for years. I went down to a 16 lb oem recoil spring for the reloads. Everything went finer than frog hair. What a great pistol. Do I ever love the Dayglo on the front sight. Super quick acquisition. Twenty some odd years since you worked on my first 220 and I am just as satisfied with this one as I was with the first.TJ, your work is testament that you aren't just putting in the hours. It is very evident that you have a passion for what you produce.I am quite sure that nothing leaves your shop without you yourself having complete confidence in.One other thing. Your input into this project was invaluable. You gave this twenty year old pistol everything it needed as well as everything it deserved. I cannot thank you enough.

Mark Nelson

TJsCustomGunworks Comments Page
Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 10:15 AM

After doing some exhaustive research to find a quality gunsmith to work on my recently acquired Sig Sauer, I came across TJ's Custom Gunworks in Culver City, CA. TJ is rarity in our times. He is a man of his word and a true craftsman. After several communications with him I had every confidence when I shipped by firearm to TJ that I would not be disappointed. I received a customized weapon back one week later and the appearance of the work exceeded my high expectations. I had the Sig 229 upgraded with a level two - w/black Teflon plating package, barrels (2 each– one 40 cal. and one .357 sig) jeweled and fitted, extractor jeweled and some other miscellaneous work. It was thing of beauty and the trigger work is exceptional. After taking it out to the range I am am even bigger fan of TJ’s work. The upgrades were well worth the cost and as many have stated before, “you get what you pay for”. With TJ you get extra for your money: experience, professional advice, timely completion and exceptional workmanship. Through the whole process he was very helpful and patient with my questions and guided me along on decisions for upgrades and fine tuning. TJ has my highest recommendation and future business. I can vouch for the recommendations others have posted on his website, their comments are accurate and heartfelt.

Kevin Couper

PS: Thanks for great work. I don't look on the P229 MIM as an ugly stepchild any longer.

But Does It Shoot?
Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 2:12 PM


Why am I not surprised?
My customized .45 is accurate and it functions flawlessly. Perfect feeding, perfect extraction, and perfection ejection. Not a single anomaly of any kind. Shooting up some junk cast hardball loads, it kept 20 shots in a row in the black this morning. You did a great job on the sights…it shoots about 1.5 inches above the point of aim at 50 feet, which is absolutely perfect. Anyone would have to wonder…why bother with adjustable sights when you have TJ building your gun?

This 1911 is beautiful. The only problem I had today were the folks who kept interrupting to ask what I was shooting. That little bit of jeweling on the barrel was a nice touch. The sights, the workmanship…everything is perfect.

I greatly appreciate your attention to detail during the build, your superior communications, and your finishing ahead of the schedule you promised.
The results on the range speak for themselves.
Thanks again, my friend. This was money well spent and the entire experience was both professional and enjoyable.

Joseph Berk

Subject: Re: P226
Date: Tue, Feb 4, 2014 8:08 pm

Received the gun this afternoon. The trigger and action are great! The new trigger looks really good also. The pull is smooth and light with a clean, crisp break. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks a lot for your quality craftsmanship. I appreciate your work.

Mike P.

Subject: Re: P226
Date: Wed, Feb 5, 2014 9:50 am

I have no problem with you using my comments. I am an actual customer rather than just a lookeeloo and I am completely satisfied with the work, the price and your professionalism. The fact that you limit customer access may put some people off, but I understand you are operating a small business. The fact is that well meaning customers and friends can disrupt the flow of your work and limit your ability to keep your commitments to schedule.

Michael Phillips

Subject: Customer Comment
Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 8:03 AM

You gave my P229 level 1 service about 12 years ago. Since then, it has run flawlessly. Yesterday, I fired my friend's P226 with a stock trigger. Your tuned 229 is so much lighter and smoother. Great work, TJ.

Geoff Clarkson
Mattoon, IL

Mon, May 12, 2014 at 5:44 AM

Just a note to reaffirm with you my appreciation for the work you performed on my P220 earlier this year. Smooth action, flawless performance, rugged reliability. I have no higher confidence in any other sidearm as I do with this one!

Mark Steele
Suffolk, VA

From: wa_oil at
Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 7:18 PM
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks


I am writing to say thank you for the amazing work you did on my Sig P239 and say that I endorse your work 100%. I had the level 3 package plus jewling the barrel. After receiving my firearm and emailing a bit TJ threw in jewling the extractor as well because he thought it would look nice. He also polished the barrel tip and guide rod tip. After taking the gun out to the range is shoots as nice as it looks. I am very happy and completely satisfied with the workmanship and quality of the finished product. I would recommend TJ to any gun owner I know and will use him again.

Dustin Marks

Aug 9, 2014 at 12:17 PM
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks

You asked me once to write up a short statement about my shooting last year, I am attaching one that is vague enough that it should keep me off the shit list and should be ok as the investigation is over and things have returned back to normal.

On a late summer afternoon in 2013, just as rush hour had started, I observed a vehicle tailing me as I rode my motorcycle to meet some friends at a local indoor gun range. Just after I exited the highway onto a service road, the vehicle pulled up along side of me and the front passenger window rolled down. The driver (later identified as a career criminal and organized gang member) pointed a revolver at me and began to yell threats. The next thing I knew there was a bright orange dot in front of my eyes as I had drawn my weapon and presented it as I stopped my bike. I survived the incident (a case of mistaken identity) and can attest that even with my "seasoned" eyes your Day-Glo sights work, very well. Thanks for your help and know that any handgun I own will always have a TJ's Day-Glo orange front sight on it. (ST, Federal Agent/Retired Army - name withheld by request).

Stephen (Bonez) Tryon

"I came into the world kicking and screaming covered in the someone else's blood. I have no problem going out the same way."
"I was put on the earth to go out there and save that one person no one else on this world could save and bring then home."

Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 9:42 AM
To: TJ's Custom Gunworks

Here is my testimony, you are welcome to publish including my name. I hope you find it suitable. Thank you again for your attention to detail, my interests, and producing excellent work.

“At this point it almost doesn’t matter what the job was; I’d never met TJ, never spoken to him on the phone, but somehow the few email exchanges we had produced a lot of confidence. The web site provided abundant help, too.

I had a basic action job, but a few tweaks and courtesies during the process enhanced the whole experience. In the end the work is clean, polished and professional, I’m shooting better, and I value both the tool and my experience all the more because of the high standard of work. There’s nothing else to know, nothing else matters.” Roger A. Cope, Bakersfield, CA 2/5/2015

All best - rac

Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 5:03 PM

TJ — Here’s something that you can use on your website.

“TJ took my Colt Commander and turned it into machine art. It’s one of the finest firearms I have ever seen. And that’s inside and outside. TJ is a proud craftsman and a stickler for getting every last thing just right. Unbelievable his attention to detail. My Commander is one of a kind, an heirloom and a shooter, thanks to him. ~ Martin Hildreth”

TJ, feel free to use my name. As you can tell, I’m very grateful. Thanks, Martin

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From: TJ

I might be old fashion and / or eccentric . . . . . but it is these exact comments and great customers that make it all worth while taking the time I do to make each and every gun as perfect as I possibly can.
This page is the reason I do take pride in my work, it is a labor with honor and craftsmanship.
I sincerely want to thank each and every one of my customers that took the time to add to this page.


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