TJ's Custom DayGlo™ Front Sight Highlighting

Enables a Much Faster Sight Acquisition and Pointing in Day Light Shooting !

DayGlo Front Sight Highlighting

DayGlo can be applied on ANY Front Sight, With or Without "Tritium Night Sights" - Only $15
If Applied on Night Sights it goes AROUND the Tritium Vial and will NOT affect the Night Glow Vial
( Photo below are all Night Sights )

Colors Available Are: Yellow, Orange, Green, and Red.
*** Please note colors WILL vary slighly from photos here ***

DayGlo Front Sight Highlighting

DayGlo Front Sight Highlighting

Which color is best for you?
That is really only a personal preference.....

YELLOW is the brightest of the colors and is slightly more visible in lower lighting, but not as much contract on tan targets.

ORANGE is always the most popular and traditional, but if you use orange targets or pasters not the best option.

RED is the most pleasing to the eye, although not as bright as the other colors in comparison.

GREEN gives a great contrast on tan or orange targets, but is the worst for outdoor shooting with plants as background.


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