TJ's Sight Staking on Front Sig Sights

Yes . . . it is a Trij Sight in the Photo, NO . . . I DON'T like Them ok.

Now then . . . Some People Ask Me "Why Do You Make Stake Marks On My Slide?"
The Answer is this . . . I Custom File-Fit The Sight To YOUR Slide, Just Snug.
Then I Stake the Sight in so It will NOT Drift Off Center if it Accidently
Gets Bumped Out on the Range or on Duty.
I NEVER Just POUND in a Sight as I Have Seen Many Other Gun Smiths Do.
In Doing It "Their Way", They Can and Have, Peened the Dovetail, the Sight,
And Also Can Fracture the Tritium Vial Inside The Sight Causing Premature Dimming.

So.... This is MY way:

TJ's Sight Staking on Front Sig Sights

Or...... You can have some OTHER gunsmith install your sights......
But you might get the "quality" work like the photo below.
Yes... sadly this IS an actual photo of a job done by another gunsmith I had to re-do.


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