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CRUTIAL OIL POINTS on Sig Sauer Pistols

Drip any HEAVY OIL on the RED spots depicted on photos.

  Q:  What do you recommend for cleaning & oiling of my gun?

A:   RIG #2 spray lube for CLEANING & bore scrubbing, although it is sold as a lube, I find it is wonderful for breaking down the carbon & powder residue, and lastly it will completely neutralize any acid from your hands / sweat.
NOTE: RIG#2 was discontinued at the end of 2007, if you can't find any, my second choice would be 'G96 Gun Treatment' (
GunScrubber is great stuff for cleaning crud and old oil residue, BUT... it COMPLETELY removes all traces of oil, so... IF you use GunScrubber, you MUST MAKE 100% SURE YOU GET FRESH OIL IN EVERY AREA THAT THE GUNSCRUBBER HAS CONTACTED OR SEEPED INTO.
The above also applies to "DIP CLEANING" methods!!!
I STRONGLY recommend that you NEVER use a "Dip Cleaning Tank" method of cleaning your gun!
Do NOT DE-OIL ANY PART or part of your gun that you cannot RE-OIL!!!

I have tried MANY oils, there are a few good ones and many bad ones,
I recommend "Tetra Gun Lubricant" for oiling the gun.
Basically you want any HEAVY OIL, not a thin oil like Breakfree, and not a thick grease that will tar up after time.


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